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jam69 Posted on 28/5 16:47
yorkshire in middlebrough

god iam bored today so i though i would look up some facts on yorkshire playing cricket in middlesbrough,surprised to find that yorkshire played at four different grounds in middlesbrough including grove hill and north ormesby.
also that west indies and aussies played yorks in mbro with no other than gary sobers.well it is a slack day

baddog Posted on 28/5 16:49
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

saw some of these GOD I FEEL OLD

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 28/5 16:50
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

any links

jam69 Posted on 28/5 16:52
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

just put in acklam park,or go to ycc website.

holgateoldskool Posted on 28/5 17:40
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

When Yorkshire had the "have to be born in Yorkshire to play for them " Middlesbrough was classed as Yorkshire - hence Chris Old, Alan Ramage and Bill Athey all qualified ( not sure wheather Alan was born in Brotton or Guisborough as he lived in North Skelton )

jam69 Posted on 29/5 10:22
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

yorkshire continued to play at mbro long after yorkshire dropped the birthplace policy

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 29/5 10:36
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

They're just Leeds now aren't they, apart from a weekend or so in Scarborough? A little bit inward looking for such a large county.

Maccarone_Is_Me Posted on 29/5 11:28
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

They used to play at Headingley, Harrogate, Middlesbrough, Sheffield and Scarborough. Now it's just Headingley and Scarborough for the last game of the season.

Capybara Posted on 29/5 11:29
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

And Bradford (used to).

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Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 29/5 11:34
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Same as Durham - used to play at Stockton, Hartlepool, Darlo, just at the Riverside

kerouac Posted on 29/5 11:42
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Durham still play at Stockton Archie...

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 29/5 11:48
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

The idea behind playing all games at Headingley (apart from the annual visit to Scarborough) is solely about money and is very short-sighted. Youngsters in this neck of the woods will now be more likely to follow Durham.

A father wanting to take his son to cricket will think "Oh, Leeds is 70 miles away, Chester-le-Street is 30 miles away, so we'll go and watch Durham." I think they'll have lost a lot of potential supporters from this neck of the woods. Acklam Park used to be packed out on Yorkshire's annual Sunday League game here, with people from both sides of the river cheering on the county.

Grove_Hill_Red Posted on 29/5 12:57
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Middlesbrough wasn't "classed as Yorkshire" it WAS Yorkshire. Which is why I and many more am a Yorkshireman and always will be!

stewboss Posted on 29/5 13:22
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

I wouldn't call YCCC policy short sighted, quite the opposite in fact when you consider the millions they have just spent on redeveloping Headingley.

No idea about the demographics of the membership but I would bet the lions share would be with in a 20 mile radius of Leeds.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 29/5 13:25
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Sounds like Durham's the local team to follow then!

Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 29/5 15:17
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

kerouac - when the fixtures came out I e-mailed Durham CCC to ask which game would be at Stockton, and the ticket office replied saying that all first class home games would be played at the Riverside.

If Durham are at Stockton this season, it must be the second string.

BossHogg Posted on 29/5 15:35
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Some people really need to accept that Middlesbrough has feck all to do with Yorkshire anymore.....

....and it hasn't for a long time!

kerouac Posted on 29/5 15:53
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Archie - Well I was going on last season and they played one game there - haven't checked this years fixtures.. So I bow to your superior knowledge!

T4Tomo Posted on 29/5 15:59
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

There were 2 reasons to decamp back to Headingley, one was financial given the money being spent on headingley,

secondly they felt they were getting as much home advantage as they should as batters and bowlers had so many "home" pitches they were getting used to them.

They kept the Scarborough fixture as it was "festival week" and always very well attended.

grantus Posted on 30/5 10:52
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Ah, this old chestnut.

BossHogg, Middlesbrough is in Yorkshire and you would be better off for accepting it, rather than putting your hands over your ears and shouting "No, no, no, no, no, no!"

littleboro Posted on 30/5 10:55
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

middlesbrough is no longer offically in yorkshire since the 60's when teesside was introduced.

apparently middlesex offically no longer exists now.

does rutland and flintshire exist still?

Capybara Posted on 30/5 10:59
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

There is a unitary authority of Rutland which encompasses the former county boundaries. I can bore for my country as well as county on boundaries of all kinds but have better things to do. Middlesbrough IS in Yorkshire for ceremonial purposes.

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BossHogg Posted on 30/5 10:59
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Humberside, like Cleveland, doesn't exist anymore either, which was another ridiculous politically motivated decision!

longster Posted on 30/5 11:02
re: yorkshire in middlebrough


littleboro Posted on 30/5 11:02
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

...and neither is redcar and cleveland although they would appear to have a lot of influence on middlesbrough.

jam69 Posted on 30/5 12:35
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

always good in the bar at acklam park after a yorks game when the players came in tio sink a few,i remember arnie sidebottom,ryans dad necking about 5 pints in 30mins after one game

buffaloboro Posted on 30/5 14:00
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

even I am getting tired of this debate - South of the Tees - Yorkshire

BossHogg Posted on 30/5 14:24
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Buffalo, does anyone South of the tees in Middlesbrough pay any monies to Yorkshire, or receive any services?

Middlesbrough has feck all do with Yorkshire anymore!

Truth is, we are in limbo, we belong to no-one!

heine Posted on 30/5 15:40
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

just found this little gem from the John Player Sunday League

Yorkshire Vs Somerset

Greame Stevenson's legendary 81 0ff 29 balls

note Martin Crowes bowling figures 70 off 6 overs

Link: Stevo

Capybara Posted on 30/5 16:30
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Well technically, of course, Yorkshire no longer exists if we are talking, strictly, about administrative boundaries. But try telling a Yorkshireman that Yorkshire doesn't exist.

grantus Posted on 30/5 16:32
re: yorkshire in middlebrough

Rodents shouldn't even be talking, never mind making controversial statements and formulating opinions, if you ask me.

So, shut it Ratty.