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BeerForDolphins Posted on 30/5 11:13
Before I Ebay it...Ibanez Jem for sale (rare)

Ibanez 7RB (Rootbeer) Jem for sale. 1989 model, Pink PAF pros, unusual in that it came with a pyramid neck rather than the standard dot inlays....very rare. I have never seen another with a pyramid neck!

Signed by Steve Vai on the front and also on the back (on a aftershow pass), as well as signed by Mike Keneally on the back of the headstock.

Players condition but plays very well. Probably could be even better with a setup. Fantastic rock guitar but I tend to be playing more acoustic stuff now so...

850 o.n.o or will consider trade for excellent high end acoustic. If interested drop me a mail on

Serious enquiries is a lot of cash after all!

BossHogg Posted on 30/5 11:14
re: Before I Ebay it...Ibanez Jem for sale (rare)

Why sell it? Perhaps it could be a gift for CuteBoroChick?

BeerForDolphins Posted on 30/5 11:32
re: Before I Ebay it...Ibanez Jem for sale (r

Cuteborochick doesn't play guitar...she plays the organ...a whizz on a bontempi!!!

seriously, I want to sell it becuase I don't play it and I want a Maton acoustic, which I can't afford without selling the Jem...catch 22!

tommygibb Posted on 30/5 11:37
re: Before I Ebay it...Ibanez Jem for sale (r

i thought all boro chicks liked the organ like"" winky thing""