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wool_skull Posted on 31/5 11:28
Get over yourselves....

FFS....with the POSSIBLE exception of Juninho who ,out of our list of 'star' signings, who has ever come here for any other reason than money?
None of them,not Rav ,Merse, Barry Boksic, Incey, Gazza etc etc have any affiliation with the area or it's lovely inhabitants(me and you)so why would they decide to enhance their careers at the Riverside?
Because God Gibbo gave them the money that they wanted , thats why!
So why are you all giving Duke a hard time because he wants to do what is best for him and his family ?

There is NO loyalty in football other than us, the fans.FFS even chairmen move on once they have milked a club for all it's worth.
You all know that, so get used to supporting whichever mercenary pulls on a Boro shirt whether or not it has a white band across it or not