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rob_fmttm Posted on 31/5 14:56
Money Money Money

Northern Monkey is back from his travels and here is latest column.

Represents the current mood and then some. But capybara and co. tell John exactly who Boro bought in the early to mid 70s.

A starter for no.2 John Craggs.

Point made though no big money signings. In or Out.

Link: Money Money Money

hendrieswondergoal Posted on 31/5 17:44
re: Money Money Money

I wrote this exact story when i was 15 in 1993, for the school paper, interviewing Willie Maddren at his then brand new Teesside Park shop about the commercialism of football. haha. ahead of my time i tell thee.

rob_fmttm Posted on 31/5 17:49
re: Money Money Money

Did the earth move for you? ie the floor gave way at Maddren's first shop opening.

hendrieswondergoal Posted on 31/5 17:51
re: Money Money Money

haha, it must have been after that.

I bet he hated being 'interviewed' by me and my mate from school though. I remember going upstairs and he took us in his office. About halfway through he was like "so, where's this piece for?"...yep a school mag.

stocko_mfc Posted on 31/5 19:10
re: Money Money Money

That was his shop on Norton Road where the floor gave way.
Willies good friend Graeme Souness brought along the Liverpool team, who had just won the title by the way, along for the day....and they promptly ended up in the celler

mr_motivator Posted on 31/5 19:21
re: Money Money Money

gutted i thought this was an o'jays related thread, i love that song...

borowally Posted on 31/5 19:34
re: Money Money Money

The O'Jays.....

Link: money money money

Shaun71 Posted on 31/5 21:13
re: Money Money Money

Can I join in? Good to see the monkey back!

We bought loooaaads of players in the 70's, well maybe not but still a few

Stuart Boam was brought in from Mansfield in 1971, the same year as Craggsy came from Newcastle.

The fee we paid for Souness was actually 27500, quite a bargain really. Another good bit of business by Stan Anderson was bringing in Alan Foggon from Cardiff for 10k in 1972.

After Stan left Jack Charltons first signing was 29 year old Bobby Murdoch on a free in September 1973. That was his only signing that season. Again the next season (74/75) Big Jack only brought 1 player in, Terry Cooper from Leeds and that was late on in the season.

The sequence was carried on for the 75/76 season when only Phil Boersma was signed for the princely sum of 72000 in December 1975. Not one for pre-season signings was our Jack!

1976/77 pre-season came and went with no signings. The obligatory one was made in October when we signed Alf Wood from Hull.

This was Charltons last season in charge and John Neal went a bit mad for the start of 1977/78 season signing the likes of Billy Ashcroft, John Mahoney and David Shearer later on in the season

rob_fmttm Posted on 31/5 22:58
re: Money Money Money

Thank you Shaun - was a bit shocked at the lack of response to the question. Must be the effect of the close season.

But it is a fair point that for a top flight club Jack Charlton hardly dug deep into the pockets. At the time we were bitter towards Charles Amer about it but Charlton has said time and again since that it was his own reluctance to splash the cash.

I also often wonder whether the way he conducted contract deals stored up trouble for the future. Agent-less players were more or less afraid to challenge Big Jack over pay rises and so players stayed on the same basic level throughout his time.

Towards the end of the 70s there was a bit of a pay hike nationally for footballers - Boro's finances must have been severly jolted as we suddenly started buying (and selling) big but also paying out massively more in wages.

Set that against falling crowds and a crumbling ground there is a real problem.

sasboro Posted on 31/5 23:14
re: Money Money Money

i see today they were predicting that the average premier league wage will be 1m. and the first 200,000 per weel player is only a couple of years away. looking at the graph i've linked to shows how we paya lot more than other countries and italy wages are declining.

i reckon how it works in italy and spain, is that the big clubs like the champions league ones are increasing in wages but the rest of the teams in their national league pay a fraction of that. where the premierr lague differs is that all clubs in the premier league pay big wages of over 0k a week. for example i bet empoli,catania and atalanta in italy and Getafe,Levante and Recreativo Huelva have a fraction of the wage bill that boro,villa and man city pay for example.

then in germany, only 1 or 2 team pay big wages such as bayern munich.

i can only see players wages going up even more until fans say enough is enough and start to boycott games and sky tv. I think on the continent the fans jsut wouldnt put up with what we put up with.over here we like to complain but dont put things into action.

to start things of people should cancel sky sports as most of that money goes to the big 4. how often have boro been on sky this season?how many times since xmas?

Link: .

sasboro Posted on 1/6 0:37
re: Money Money Money

after just reading about manutd potentially spashing out close on 47m for 3 players in 1 day, makes boro feel a millions miles behind. whats it going to be like in 5-10 years?

Shaun71 Posted on 1/6 15:09
re: Money Money Money

Just been going through some old Gazettes from the pre season of 1977 (sad I know!). This was after Charlton had resigned and John Neal had taken over.

Every issue during June and July were concentrated on contract talks with Souness, Boam, Craggs, Platt, Hickton and Cooper. Everyone said they were seriously thinking of leaving (and did in the end)due to the terms they had been on in the previous few years.

Also Neal had just splashed out 90k on Mahoney and was about to pay over 100k for Big Billy Ashcroft. Teesside seemed to be in shock as the biggest Big Jack had paid was just 72000 for Phil Boersma.

Different times......

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Capybara Posted on 1/6 15:33
re: Money Money Money

Crikey, I've only just spotted this one. And Shaun is right with his list of signings as one would expect. 27.5k was indeed a bargain for Souness, but it was quite a lot for someone who hadn't played a first team game for anyone. What I do remember or, rather, don't as it didn't exist was that there wasn't this attitudethere is today that somehow the close season was there for signing new players and if your team didn't then it had failed somwhow. I may have mismatched the negatives there but you see what I mean. When the season ended you immediately started thinking about the fixtures coming out for the next season, then pre-season friendlies, then the start of the season itself. We didn't spend the summer wringing our hands, ready to jump off the Transporter if we didn't sign anyone. When the season ended we fully expected the players we ended the season with to be the same ones who started the next. And, as can be seen from above, when we won the Second Division (that's the Championship today, kids) in 1974 to get into the First (it's what the Premiership used to be before football was invented) that is precisely what did happen. Perhaps this has all come about with the advent of transfer windows and stuff which I still can't see the reasoning behind. It certainly doesn't do the game any good.

Capybara Posted on 1/6 15:38
re: Money Money Money

Shaun, when all that happened, Boro were about to get 300k for Souness, and not that far away from getting 400k for David Mills!

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Shaun71 Posted on 1/6 15:57
re: Money Money Money

To my shame Big Jack actually made 2 sigings in the 74/75 season.

Tom Paterson from Leaicester City who only played 1 game, went on loan to Hamilton Accies before being shipped out to Bournemouth

352k for Souness, and a then record 500k for Millsy. Then the inevitable cave in with the likes of Armstrong, Proctor, Hodgy and Johnston all leaving.

Must have been an era and a half living through all that as a Boro fan. I was 8 when I first went in 1980 so cant remember any of it.

Shaun71 Posted on 1/6 15:58
re: Money Money Money

Explains it to me Capy

Can you imagine that happening now, going through a 4-5 year spell with just the odd 1 or 2 players coming in or going year on year?

Shaun71 Posted on 1/6 16:01
re: Money Money Money

I havent got the dates but I think Souness left halfway through the 77/78 season.

The Gazettes Ive been reading were from June/July/August 1977. Another continuing rumour on the back pages was Souness going to Newcastle with Stewart Barraclough coming in part exchange. Also heavily linked with Tony Towers from Sunderland (I think)

This is all preseason 1977 which was John Neals first season.

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Capybara Posted on 1/6 16:18
re: Money Money Money

As I recall, Souness went in about January 1978.

There were, actually, two departures in the 1974 close season. I think that was when Eric McMordie left - he'd been a regular for years but hardly featured in the promotion side - and Billy Gates retired at the age of 30, I believe (or was that the previous year), having not played a game (I think). He did of course go on to make a fortune after his playing days were over by inventing the computer and the interweb.

I actually remember the Tom Paterson signing now you come to mention it.

there was also a great change in the atmosphere when John Neal arrived. He was reckoned to be a very successful lower division manager but he just didn't seem to have what Big Jack had. Looking back, the departure of Souness was the start of the big fall. We had been serious Europe contenders from the promotion year up to that point but from then on we didn't really have it, despite some reasonable results and finishes. The Mills deal was the best we ever did but where did the money go? It was downhill from there on in.

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Shaun71 Posted on 1/6 16:28
re: Money Money Money

Before his foray into computer technology he actually played a few games in the Northern League for Spennymoor Town. Bill Gates that is.

Eric McMordie left a bit later at the end of the 74/75 season and went to York. He spent a spell during the 74/75 season on loan at Sheff Wed

Capybara Posted on 1/6 16:35
re: Money Money Money

That's right, that's exactly what McMordie did. I knew he played for York and Sheff Wed and thought I recollected him playing in the preseason friendly at Bootham Crescent (which we lost) the week before the season started - perhaps he actually played for us then. Did he ever turn out for us in the First Division? The move to York was not actually a huge jump down as York were, that season, achieving their highest ever League position following their promotion to the Second. Where they played League games against Manchester United, of course.

Shaun71 Posted on 1/6 16:40
re: Money Money Money

We can only guess!

352000 Graeme Souness
500000 David Mills
170000 Stuart Boam
580000 Craig Johnston
600000 David Armstrong
440000 Mark Proctor

2,642,000 give or take a few bob with other outgoings!

Shaun71 Posted on 1/6 16:50
re: Money Money Money

McMordie didnt play a single game for us in Division 1 after playing only 7 + 1 as sub in the promotion winning season.

The Boro team that played in the 2-1 friendly loss at Bootham Crescent v York included McMordie

18/08/73 York City A 1-2
Bootham Crescent
Jim Platt (Pat Cuff), John Craggs, Graeme Souness, Stuart Boam, Willie Maddren, Bill Gates, Nobby Stiles, Eric McMordie, David Mills, John Hickton (Malcolm Smith), David Armstrong.
Goalscorer: Mills.

He played 1 pre season friendly the year after away at Dunfermline in July 74

Capybara Posted on 1/6 17:06
re: Money Money Money

Yep, I'm with it now.

That was a colossal amount of money to come into the club in such a short period.