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rob_fmttm Posted on 31/5 15:27
Boro Who's Who - Subscribe Now

Boro fans are being given the opportunity to subscribe to a unique book profiling everyone of nearly 700 players to have appeared for the club over the last 108 years.

The Who's Who of Middlesbrough will be the bible of Boro players since the club made the ambitious decision to join the Football League in 1899.
Since then, almost 700 players have pulled on a red and white shirt to represent Boro in a competitive first team fixture. Every one of them will be profiled, many with photographs, in the superb hardback.
Listed alongside greats such as Juninho, Gareth Southgate, Wilf Mannion and Jonathan Woodgate will be lesser names, long since forgotten but each having played their own small part in writing the history of Middlesbrough FC.
The Who's Who of Middlesbrough will be launched early next season, priced £19.99, but fans have the chance to put their support on record - or recognise the devotion of friends or family to Boro - by subscribing to the book and having a name listed in the book alongside the name of their all-time Boro hero in a special Supporters' Roll of Honour.
To order your copy, supporters must subscribe by the end of June 2007. Subscription forms are available on the club’s website and via the MFC Retail stores at the stadium and in Captain Cook Square.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 31/5 15:29
re: Boro Who's Who - Subscribe Now

Is this by the same people/company that did Who's That Team They Call The Boro... in 2003/2004ish?

littledick Posted on 31/5 15:34
re: Boro Who's Who - Subscribe Now

How many subscribed to that ?

About 100 wasn't it ?

Shaun71 Posted on 31/5 15:35
re: Boro Who's Who - Subscribe Now

No Spoff, that was written by the club themselves.

The author of this new book is Dean Hayes in conjunction with the club. He brought out an Boro A-Z a few years back.

Revol_Tees Posted on 31/5 15:36
re: Boro Who's Who - Subscribe Now

Seems eerily reminiscent of The Boro Alphabet, which profiled all 600 of Boro's players for a BARGAIN £14.99 back in 2000.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 31/5 15:37
re: Boro Who's Who - Subscribe Now

Cheers Shaun,

Little Dick, I was looking at it only this week, there was no more than 100 I don't think.

I was lucking to see if I recognised any names off here.

bandito Posted on 31/5 15:52
re: Boro Who's Who - Subscribe Now

flogging a dead horse