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PapaJohn Posted on 5/6 16:51
Viduka article on the BBC

To me this article has little substance , no quotes from anyone.
A give away for me are these few words

"He scored 19 goals last season as he played a major part in helping Southgate avoid relegation in his first season in charge".

When was we in relegation trouble? never - this is a bolloz article

trodbitch Posted on 5/6 16:52
re: Viduka article on the BBC

We weren't but subtract 19 goals and we would have been.

newholgate Posted on 5/6 17:00
re: Viduka article on the BBC

Nice to see someone keeping a bit of perspective on the situation PapaJohn, you are a breath of fresh air !

This BBC article says nothing different to all the other pieces of speculation we have seen over the weeks; all of which have been without any quotes from Viduka or any of the clubs concerned.

Until Viduka, Boro or another club give a press release, it is all just speculation.

paulwilko10 Posted on 5/6 17:06
re: Viduka article on the BBC

People keep saying that "Without his goals we would of been in trouble"

Is that true ? I think not
If he wasn't there, then there would be a fair chance that one of the other strikers would of been in his place a nd scored a good few goals.

How many goals did he actually score to win us games ??
I don't know the answer but i bet it wasn't 19 !!!!

arca_7 Posted on 5/6 17:08
re: Viduka article on the BBC

SSN Called it as a breaking news this morning, no quotes at all, they said they'd bring more on it as soon as they get it, they never did... Viduka still unchosen

PapaJohn Posted on 5/6 17:09
re: Viduka article on the BBC

A compliment from NH - honoured I am!

trodbitch Posted on 5/6 17:10
re: Viduka article on the BBC

Which one of these strikers did we have who would have stepped straight in and scored those 19 goals?

PapaJohn Posted on 5/6 17:13
re: Viduka article on the BBC

Vids scored 14 league goals.

newholgate Posted on 5/6 17:16
re: Viduka article on the BBC

You get plenty from me PJ, they just aren't always said directly to you!

Ch4rlieB Posted on 5/6 17:21
re: Viduka article on the BBC

Having been a bit bored at work

I've worked it out.

In all the games Viduka scored in only 6 of them would have made an difference to the result. Costing us 12 points.

Clearly this doesnt take into account who would of played, etc etc

paulwilko10 Posted on 5/6 17:27
re: Viduka article on the BBC

CharlieB, I rest my case, thank you for indirectly backing me up !!

BoroFur Posted on 5/6 19:02
re: Viduka article on the BBC

I wouldn't say Viduka's goals saved us from relegation but at one point we were in trouble. After we lost away to Fulham in December I think we were 4th bottom but then went on a decent run beating Charlton and Sheff Utd and getting a few good draws.

jam69 Posted on 5/6 19:34
re: Viduka article on the BBC

how does that back up your argument wilko?without those 12 points we would have been relegated

RedWurzel Posted on 5/6 19:36
re: Viduka article on the BBC

I thought Arca made a big difference when he played we were a different team.

Viduka had a very good second half to last season, but we did finish 7th in 2005 without him contributing much. He must have played less than 15 league games and scored about 5 league goals.

sasboro Posted on 5/6 19:43
re: Viduka article on the BBC

without yakubu's goals before xmas we would have got relegated.

Magus14 Posted on 5/6 21:39
re: Viduka article on the BBC

we were on a relegation slide til our Charlton victory

and for it to be poss for us to be relegated with 2 games left hardly scotches the claim does it