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rob_fmttm Posted on 7/6 11:17
Vagner love

Music to our ears?

From Russia with Love.

A headline maker's dream - we have been linked with the Brazilian striker according to an email I have received today from Russia.

Note this post please.

jeff_potato Posted on 7/6 11:20
re: Vagner love

"Love, love me do," when he scores a debut goal.

It'll be carnage on the back pages if any English team signs that fella.

Little_legs_k9 Posted on 7/6 11:20
re: Vagner love

ok Rob ive looked.

bororeddaz Posted on 7/6 11:20
re: Vagner love

Bum Love!

Spoff_MFC Posted on 7/6 11:21
re: Vagner love

Hmm, Rob starting a rumour.

If you can't beat em, join em. eh Rob.

Fatsuma Posted on 7/6 11:21
re: Vagner love


Will this be a loan again, or will we actually sign him?

[Well it was good enough yesterday!]

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 7/6 11:21
re: Vagner love

bororeddaz, keep your dreams of Moses to yourself!

Ste_1986 Posted on 7/6 11:21
re: Vagner love

he's about 4 foot aint he ?

speckyget Posted on 7/6 11:22
re: Vagner love

I get emails from Russia all the time.

If I followed them all up there'd be no Viagra left for anyone else.

BoroTommo Posted on 7/6 11:23
re: Vagner love

"What's love got to do with it?"

"Love in an elevator"

"Love is in the air"

"Burning love"

rob_fmttm Posted on 7/6 11:23
re: Vagner love

Put it this way someone contacted me from a Russian tv station asking if they could interview me about Vagner Love - but seeing as I am in Hong Kong this isn't possible.

Ste_1986 Posted on 7/6 11:24
re: Vagner love

What you doing out there rob ?

are you boro's new cheif scout ???

A_New_Era Posted on 7/6 11:25
re: Vagner love

hes no kamara

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Capybara Posted on 7/6 11:26
re: Vagner love

Was the e-mail from someone called Val Currie, by any chance?

Fatsuma Posted on 7/6 11:31
re: Vagner love

Val Currie?

AKA The Riyadh Dove ?

Reizigers_Lips Posted on 7/6 11:31
re: Vagner love

Jo is the one we want from CSKA... much better player, i hope its a case of "wires crossed"

Capybara Posted on 7/6 11:32
re: Vagner love

That'll be him

kermit_the_smog Posted on 7/6 11:34
re: Vagner love

Buy Jo, Wagner Love and that lad from Herenveen.

Play with 3 Brazilian forward line.

Fatsuma Posted on 7/6 11:34
re: Vagner love

The Riyadh Dove or Val Currie!

He made that spoof movie about drunk kids in deepest 'Nam, didn't he ?

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BeerForDolphins Posted on 7/6 11:36
re: Vagner love

Wasn't someone on earlier about the club looking at a brazilian goalscorer called Souza, and everyone presumed it was either Kerlon or a guy from Gremio.

Well...Vagner Loves real name is Vagner Silva de Souza.

Capybara Posted on 7/6 11:37
re: Vagner love

Here we go! Here we go! Here we go!

Fatsuma Posted on 7/6 11:38
re: Vagner love

Alcopopse Now!

joseph99 Posted on 7/6 11:39
re: Vagner love

Rob have you been talking to those charming Russian girls in Fenwicks (Wanchai) that hang around the bar looking stunning and smiling at all the ugly men.

allied_assault Posted on 7/6 11:40
re: Vagner love

Is he any good though..

I was not impressed by what I saw in the Brazil - England friendly.

kermit_the_smog Posted on 7/6 11:44
re: Vagner love

He's never impressed me when I've seen him in the champions league.

Must be a bit alright to get in Brazilian national team though.

Would he have enough love for the club to play here though? But i guess at the end of the day, whats love got to do, got to do with it, as Viduka has proved.

EmersonsPerm Posted on 7/6 11:45
re: Vagner love

It doesn't matter if he's any good. That lad plays for Brazil and the whole of Teesside will rush out to buy Brazil tops and season tickets.

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Capybara Posted on 7/6 11:45
re: Vagner love

And sombreros ......

Fatsuma Posted on 7/6 11:46
re: Vagner love

Happy days! It'll be just like when we signed Doriva!

hkboro Posted on 7/6 11:53
re: Vagner love

joseph> i dont think rob is the sort of guy who frequents such classy establishments as Fenwicks - he doesnt know what he's missing !!!!

Pangaea Posted on 7/6 11:54
re: Vagner love


Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 7/6 11:56
re: Vagner love

He'll have to lose the blue hair.

Kilburn Posted on 7/6 11:57
re: Vagner love

This one has work permit problems written all over it.

Expect us to agree terms with the club and the player, only to have a permit turned down because he hasn't played enough internationals.

Also, expect someone like West Ham to sign him a couple of years down the line, get a work permit immediately approved despite him not playing any more regularly for Brazil, and him to then score 20 goals in his first Premiership season.

joseph99 Posted on 7/6 11:59
re: Vagner love

HK: he'll certainly find "Love" there!!

stocko_mfc Posted on 7/6 12:02
re: Vagner love

This must the fella...........

Link: Vagner Love

cheese_shop_john Posted on 7/6 12:03
re: Vagner love

Fenwicks, you say?


number_10 Posted on 7/6 12:03
re: Vagner love

Ahhhh the song oppertunities......

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 7/6 12:05
re: Vagner love

They'd have to play 'Love Man' by Otis Redding when he scores.

allied_assault Posted on 7/6 12:05
re: Vagner love

How about - What the world needs now is....

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 7/6 12:06
re: Vagner love

Two good feet! Looks as good as the Dong Gook Lee video.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 7/6 12:07
re: Vagner love

How about the Supreme's number 'Baby Love' only need one in every 4 to sing and the others just spin round and clap.

hkboro Posted on 7/6 12:09
re: Vagner love

joe, you are right theres def big love in the air in fenwicks, but sadly i think rob socialises in different circles higher up the hill !
cheesejohn, if u need any help / tips re these sort of places joseph and myslef will be happy to help,,,

boksic Posted on 7/6 12:10
re: Vagner love

IF wiki is to be believed (?) he averages roughly a goal every 2 games. I'll have that.

Link: wiki doo daa

Duncan_Blackheart Posted on 7/6 12:13
re: Vagner love

We should have signed Scott Brown, if only to hear the commentators say "Brown, Love".

cheese_shop_john Posted on 7/6 12:13
re: Vagner love

I'm happily married.

It was a mate who I was interested for.

borobuddah Posted on 7/6 12:17
re: Vagner love

Rob = media whore, but he's OUR Media whore!

Fatsuma Posted on 7/6 12:20
re: Vagner love


There is something in this rumour!

Here's a You Tube clip with some of Vagner Love's goals set to the new MFC tune that's been chosen to replace Pigbag!

Link: Goals and Music!

Little_legs_k9 Posted on 7/6 12:22
re: Vagner love

Hes not scared of the cold then !

Tom_Fun Posted on 7/6 12:26
re: Vagner love

"Note this post please"


hkboro Posted on 7/6 12:28
re: Vagner love

john> haha yeah ok mate, no problemo !! anyway most of the people who pop into fenwicks to enjoy the lurve are happily married/attached too but just enjoy a bit of errrrrr cultural exchange

supermfc Posted on 7/6 12:32
re: Vagner love

I can hear it now, when Wagner Love scores mark page playing bob sinclairs - love generation!!

derrickd Posted on 7/6 12:46
re: Vagner love

"He's just a Love machine..."

cheese_shop_john Posted on 7/6 12:49
re: Vagner love

So your saying thet have high class russian whores kicking about in Fenwicks??