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Buddy Posted on 11/6 8:50
Robert Kubica


BoroMutt Posted on 11/6 8:52
re: Robert Kubica

Sprained ankle!

180mph straight into a wall and all he gets is a sprained ankle?

Conspiracy theory anyone?

Buddy Posted on 11/6 10:41
re: Robert Kubica

No conspiracy. All the cars are amde out of the same stuff they make George Boateng out of.

Sleaford_Socialite Posted on 11/6 10:43
re: Robert Kubica

Titanium and elastic?

Capybara Posted on 11/6 10:44
re: Robert Kubica

Ince and Mustoe?

Fatsuma Posted on 11/6 10:46
re: Robert Kubica

Buddy Posted on 11/6 10:49
re: Robert Kubica

shortandbald Posted on 11/6 10:52
re: Robert Kubica

Would he have got off so lightly if he'd gone headlong into Emanuel Pogatetz though

gravy_boat Posted on 11/6 11:01
re: Robert Kubica

Not often to get really spectacular crash like that one in F1 these days.

I quite enjoyed seeing it again on the highlights last night, once I knew he was ok.

He's probably feeling that the hardest bloke in the world this-morning.

shortandbald Posted on 11/6 11:05
re: Robert Kubica

I fear it could have been a lot worse if he hadn't skimmed those tyres. it looked like he would have gone straight into the wall square on or even over it onto the other side of the hairpin if they hadn't deflected him slightly sideways. VERY LUCKY BOY!