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Tom_Fun Posted on 11/6 23:01

I watched Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure last night, which was brilliant. All day at work I've been trying to find one of my own, but alas I was unsuccessful.

Anyone found their very own Googlewhack?

njtraf Posted on 11/6 23:04
re: Googlewhack

Now, i've heard of Dave Gormans Googlewhack but i don't know the concept of what a "Googlewhack" is? Care to explain please?

sossage Posted on 11/6 23:04
re: Googlewhack

oche mcknunn

'cept I believe they have to be in google's dictionary.

so no.

Tom_Fun Posted on 11/6 23:07
re: Googlewhack

A Googlewhack is a Google search query consisting of two words, that returns a single result. These words have to appear in, Google's dictionary of choice.

njtraf Posted on 11/6 23:23
re: Googlewhack

Antidisestablishmentariasm Characteristic - Woohoo

sossage Posted on 11/6 23:24
re: Googlewhack

Antidisestablishmentariasm int in dict

Tom_Fun Posted on 11/6 23:25
re: Googlewhack

Yes! I got one!

Eggbound Jumper

sossage Posted on 11/6 23:27
re: Googlewhack

Eggbound int in dict

jofus53 Posted on 11/6 23:28
re: Googlewhack

evening tom. i like te word eggbound, well done.
dave gorman's show is quality, i love how much he puts his whole life on hold for it, very funny

Tom_Fun Posted on 11/6 23:30
re: Googlewhack

Evening jofus, Dave Gorman is fantastic. He gets these mad ideas and challenges that just fall into his lap, and the way he runs with them is absolute genius.

What has it done to the graph?

Is eggbound really not in the dictionary?

sossage Posted on 11/6 23:33
re: Googlewhack

Eggbound is in the Shorter Oxford but not in collins or

Tom_Fun Posted on 11/6 23:34
re: Googlewhack

That is a blow.

john_b Posted on 11/6 23:34
re: Googlewhack

Also, you need to be on .com not .uk

jofus53 Posted on 11/6 23:35
re: Googlewhack

well i'm only going to consult the oxford shorter from now on.

sossage Posted on 11/6 23:36
re: Googlewhack

Eggbound sounds a bit rude to me.

BoroDancer Posted on 12/6 0:16
re: Googlewhack

T'was a brilliant show - I did find one but I can't remember it now... I emailed the site and they never replied...