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A_New_Era Posted on 12/6 22:38

i hope hes signed, but i need to see it on or skysports!!

Angry_man Posted on 12/6 22:38
re: Argggggghhhhhhh

attention seeker

borodrew Posted on 12/6 22:39
re: Argggggghhhhhhh

me too!, despite my source saying earlier it was done!.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 12/6 22:39
re: Argggggghhhhhhh

Skysports said Gibbo would be doing an interview.

4 Hours later,absolute sod all.

I wouldnt take anything they say as Gospel.

Perry_Combover Posted on 12/6 22:39
re: Argggggghhhhhhh

i reckon gibsons been writing these turkish websites as a 'pr stunt',

Moody41 Posted on 12/6 22:40
re: Argggggghhhhhhh

Skysports is utter bobbins half the time.

I want to see him in a Boro shirt. Then I'll believe it.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 12/6 22:41
re: Argggggghhhhhhh

nah, Tuncay is Lamby with a bit of slap on.

We've all been fooled!

A_New_Era Posted on 12/6 22:42
re: Argggggghhhhhhh

drew...this reliable?

borodrew Posted on 12/6 22:44
re: Argggggghhhhhhh

ill be honest, first time hes given me info so i was scepticle(sp). hes claimed he knew a few of the previous deals early etc in previous years from someone within the club.

maybe he got lucky with this one? maybe he can tell me some more info if its true!