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A_New_Era Posted on 13/6 8:25
Has he fooking signed ..

or not!!

buttermyarse Posted on 13/6 8:26
re: Has he fooking signed ..

No!Birmingham have trumped our offer!

bororeddaz Posted on 13/6 8:29
re: Has he fooking signed ..

Esky, Lamb has pulled off the biggest signing ever for Boro.
Will hit the English media in the next hour

Link: sabah

HepDude Posted on 13/6 8:33
re: Has he fooking signed ..

His agent announced that he had SIGNED a contract with Boro.

A_New_Era Posted on 13/6 8:34
re: Has he fooking signed ..

couldnt have worded that article better myself

Do think its a brilliant signing tho

Moses_Kiptanui Posted on 13/6 8:35
re: Has he fooking signed ..

My Turkish isn't up to speed, what the hell does that say....

tjf81 Posted on 13/6 8:35
re: Has he fooking signed ..

bigger than Ravanelli or Juninho?

A_New_Era Posted on 13/6 8:35
re: Has he fooking signed ..

get with the game moses...

bororeddaz Posted on 13/6 8:36
re: Has he fooking signed ..

Yes tjf.
Moses, what hepdude said

bororeddaz Posted on 13/6 8:37
re: Has he fooking signed ..

Would you prefer it in Polish?

boroglen Posted on 13/6 9:25
re: Has he fooking signed ..

Yesterday a new planner arrived at site and he's from only f-cking Turkey , nice coincidence/omen. However he`s not into football and does not know much about our man. anyway I showed him the article and basically it says that tuncay has signed a contract and he will be travelling to Middlesbrough next week. He also let out a big WOW!! when he read the salary.

Kilburn Posted on 13/6 9:46
re: Has he fooking signed ..

Here is a very accurate translation of that article:

Merely simply Fenerbahçelilerin not Türkiye'deki the whole futbolseverlerin even if flap beklediği transfer knowledge eventually fulfilment : Tuncay Glorious Middlesbrough with mind. Fenerbahçe President Dear Lightning yesterday İstanbul Man Lisesi'nde katıldığı panel Tuncay in cause to be made explain evening saatlerinde true okay. Lightning Tuncay'a 5 year afterwards Fenerbahçe'de Addition Head Rıdvan Slice , Life-belt Bartu Lefter similar idol olacağını , good thought gerektiğini discourse. İki south period volition. But eventually unanimous olduğunu anlıyorum. Aklı Europe , expenditure açıklamasını cause to be made. President this sözlerinden 4- 5 hour afterwards Tuncay by menajeri Bisexual Martyr with together Galatasaray President Helper Adnan Polarize concerning possibility Polarize Hotel by degrees. Hour sularında hotel shelter outgoing nationality star here this transfer in great demanding expense Anelka'nın menajeri Doug Spot with together welcome. A few hour ongoing negotiation behind Tuncay own Middlesbrough'lu author agreement sign. 4 annual agreement for nationality star annual 2.2 million pound ( approximate 5.7 million YTL ) pay money owing. WEEK ADA'YA JOWL Tuncay sözleşmesine personal one each matter ekleterek , 1 year eventually separation carpet certificate of good service bedelinin 5 million pound olmasını determination. Premier Lig'de past season 12. humdrum complement Tuncay today Sakarya'da press assembly yapacak , week even if England bound official signature atacak.

Mr_Incident Posted on 13/6 9:51
re: Has he fooking signed ..

"President this sözlerinden 4- 5 hour afterwards Tuncay by menajeri Bisexual Martyr"

Is that bit about Keith Lamb?

Seems an amazing signing if true. Tremendously exciting in fact. 4 year deal, £2.2m a year, and it even says we've been in the Premier Leage for the past 12 seasons. How kind!