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wool_skull Posted on 13/6 17:31
Well played Lamby

Gets a bad rep from most people on the board but seems to have done awright this time.

captain5 Posted on 13/6 17:33
re: Well played Lamby

Been our best chief executive of the last twenty years IMO.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 13/6 17:33
re: Well played Lamby

Wait for the deal to be sealed first.

Remember Forlan?

Captain,hes been the only Cheif Exec of the last 20 years hasnt he?

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Brick_Tamland Posted on 13/6 17:33
re: Well played Lamby


Good work = Gibson
Botched job = Lamb

Who will we have to blame if things go wrong? Don't let our favourite scapegoat of his leash.

captain5 Posted on 13/6 17:34
re: Well played Lamby

He's gone to Birmingham, Rain.

wool_skull Posted on 13/6 17:37
re: Well played Lamby

Was Forlan Lamby's fault ?

shortandbald Posted on 13/6 17:37
re: Well played Lamby

Not His biggest fan by any means, but as long as everything goes through ok the n I have to say on this occasion Well done.
Acted swiftly, got off his arse and flew out to turkey to meet the player and his agent. I always think the personal touch hold a lot of sway with players. Remember when Arsenal tried to hijack our signing of TLF and he said he chose us because we could be bothered to go to Sau Paulo to get him.

wool_skull Posted on 13/6 17:43
re: Well played Lamby

Exactly right baldy. We've(Lamby has)made mistakes but Gibbo doesn't suffer fools and Lamby has been with him for 20 years. Must tell you something.

ravsplumber Posted on 13/6 17:45
re: Well played Lamby

Lamby's developed himself into one of the best CEO's in the league. He's AAA in my books!

illuminati Posted on 13/6 17:49
re: Well played Lamby

Credit where it's due. It can't be easy persuading foreign international stars, who know very little, if anything about our club to agree to join us.

Keith Lamb has pulled off some real coups in his time.

barneyblair Posted on 13/6 18:17
re: Well played Lamby

come on lads give credit when its due!!
He's done good

shortandbald Posted on 13/6 18:19
re: Well played Lamby

ain't that what I just said barney

hughiep Posted on 13/6 18:32
re: Well played Lamby

Fax machine must still be goosed hence the flight to turkey.

barneyblair Posted on 13/6 18:33
re: Well played Lamby

yeah but i got bored reading all the way down, so i just posted my thoughts
sorry about that
haha my bad

RedWurzel Posted on 13/6 18:37
re: Well played Lamby

When Lamby goes we will have to present him with a bronze Fax Machine!

I also won't mention Blackburn away in 96