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A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 16:44
Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

latest target for this club is Yossi Benayoun. Now, personally i dont even rate him, but surely this is the sort of player who a team that should be challenging for the title shouldnt be looking at?

They have made many signings like this, Man Utd spend 50 million on 3 players who will improve them no end, Liverpool sign the likes of Arbeloa, Bellamy, Kuyt (good player, but for 10 milln not enough goals) Surely this big club should be trying to compete in the transfer market for world class players? the only two i remember them being linked with were David Villa and Dani Alves, both of whom dont look like signing

Pauluka Posted on 14/6 16:45
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

Why do you care about there ambition?

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 16:46
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

i have a secret love for them

Big_Shot Posted on 14/6 16:48
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

What I don't understand is that he is complaining about the lack of money he has but will happily pay over the odds for average players. Last summer he spent 7m on Pennant who will never be a top 4 player, now he realises that and is going to replace him with another player who isn't good enough. Its quite funny really.

Bellamy and Kuyt are not really good enough also. They wouldn't get on the bench at any of their rivals.

bandito Posted on 14/6 16:49
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

Liverpool have as much chance of putting up a title fight as newcastle. They are a million miles away from Chelse and United.

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 16:51
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

bandi - i realise that, but if i was their fan it would piss me off that he seems to be settlnig for that!

B_S - exactly my point. Hes living off his champions league success, but realistically alot of that Liverpool squad isnt good enough to compete at the top, id go as far as saying they only have 3-4 players who would get in Man Utd or Chelseas team

GibbosEmpire Posted on 14/6 16:54
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

I rate Benayoun and Id have him at Boro in a shot.

bandito Posted on 14/6 16:55
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

Esky: Wasnt being awkward mate. I was agreeing with everything you have said. I dont rate benayoun and would be disappointed if we were in for him. .

Big_Shot Posted on 14/6 17:03
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

Like Bandi, I wouldn't particularly want Benayoun at the Boro and we aren't aiming for a top 4 place with aspirations of challenging for the title. You need to buy top drawer players not the better players from ordinary teams.

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A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 17:04
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

i know you werent bandi, worded badly by myself

Benayoun is a nothing player. Isnt a winger, isnt even a player who plays on the wide position. Doesnt score many goals, doesnt creat too much, isnt defensive. Hes just not a very good player, certainly not for liverpool

take away gerrard, alonso and carragher and they become very average

Big_Shot Posted on 14/6 17:07
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

I don't even think Carragher is all that he's cracked up to be. Good centre half, nothing else.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 14/6 17:08
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

What else can Carragher be?

Thats like saying Downings a good Left winger,nothing else.

bandito Posted on 14/6 17:08
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

agreed again. Gerrard is Liverpool FC. Without him they are screwed. Hence him being awkward in contract negotiations and holding out for what he can get. Benitez knows this. He'll lose patience eventually when he sees United bringing in the cream of Europe and Mourinho plucking gems from anywhere and everywhere. I honestly have no idea how they do so well in Europe cos Liverpool bore the pants off me.

trodbitch Posted on 14/6 17:09
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

I think Benitez would be gutted if he could actually buy well and assemble a great team as it wouldn't give him the opportunity to play "another tactical masterstroke from the tactical genius" to make up for their shortcomings.

He screwed up as well by blabbing about how the new owners needed to invest and how he was going on a spending spee before he clearly got pegged back and had his .. er .. *sights* lowered, shall we say.

Big_Shot Posted on 14/6 17:10
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

He could be excellent, the best around, England regular. Lots of things really. Good is just good. There are far better superlatives to describe players. For example I think Woodgate is excellent and arguabley the best English centre half around.

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 17:15
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

Gerrard for his career probably should have left for Chelsea when he had the chance. A world class player in a decent team (like Woodgate for us)

trod - definately likes to try and make himself look good. For instance playing Zenden in the final with one slow attacker up front never worked, and liverpool fans knew it wasnt gonig to. The only signing thats been good for him was Agger, hes built a strong enough defence but he hasnt built anything else

Mourinho picked up Joe Cole and made him a very good player. Ferguson did the same with Vidic. Benitez has tried with many players like Pennant, Bellamy etc and cannot take them to that next level

Big_Shot Posted on 14/6 17:24
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

Couldn't agree more about the final. He cocked it up with his baffling team selection and didn't change it until 10 minutes to go. The best football they played was in Barcelona, they were superb and the 1-2 scoreline flattered Barcelona. So in the final why not play a similar system and line up as that night, no he knew better and they were crap against a very ordinary Milan side.

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 18:41
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

he only got away with it in istanbul because of harry kewell (who shouldnt have started) getting injured

In big games, dont take risks like that. Play a winning formula and one that will continue winning

Imagine a midfield of Gonzalez Sissoko Benayoun Pennant. Midtable at best

zaphod Posted on 14/6 18:57
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

I find Liverpool under Benitez baffling in the same way as they were under Houillier. Neither manager has known what to do to make them a Premiership winning side, so they just keep buying mediocre players who don't improve them and then replace them 12 months or 2 years later.

What's more, the great tactical genius that is Benitez doesn't seem to know how to win against poor sides, which what is absolutely essential if you want to win things.

So it'll be another season 20 points or more off the pace.

wool_skull Posted on 14/6 19:07
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition


Go and talk to the twokkers about their team....not here!

A_New_Era Posted on 14/6 21:44
re: Liverpool/Benitez = lack of ambition

zaphod - the thing is, houllier was getting rdually closer, im sure they finished second the year before he left?

Liverpool .... Big team underachieving? or decent team stuck in a rut?