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A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 11:58
101 appearances 35 goals

thats pretty much a goal every 3 games. In a team that hasnt finished in the top half when hes been here. Plus however many assists hes made

Losing Yakubu would be a big error, make no mistake too many dont appreciate him and we will miss his goals when hes gone. I dont care if its 10 million, if we replace him with someone who gets 10 a season, then its a waste

I trust southgate and gibson, but his record speaks for itself. Too many are too eager for him to go. LEts home we arent left eating very big humble pie when hes a success elsewhere

Yackanory Posted on 15/6 11:59
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

Miss his goals? I think I did, was he playing in the second half of the season....

A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 12:01
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

that makes it even better in that, if we can get him performing all season, he would pass 20 goals easy. 16 goals last year by march. Not bad at all

Questions_Questions Posted on 15/6 12:01
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

He's a form player. But over the course of a full season he bags plenty and will continue to do so where ever he plays his football.

Yackanory Posted on 15/6 12:03
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

Let's be fair, he was poor last season. After a bright opening partnership with Viduka he was rubbish and couldn't hit a barn door.

Still, I'd like to see him stay.

captain5 Posted on 15/6 12:05
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

He was poor in the second half of the season.

Overall he still came well up in the scoring charts in a team that wasn't that great.

A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 12:06
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

would have got 20 goals+ had we had a midfield. Remember Arca was out near end of season and we scored little and conceded alot

He might have been poor, but he had his moments. He played well with Duka. His build up in the goal at Man Utd was brilliant. Little things like that go unnoticed by too many

Boromart Posted on 15/6 12:08
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

it is quite scary how often he goes missing for half a season.

first season at pompey - 2 goals in the first 19 games, only 5 goals by March.

second season - 4 goals in open play (6 in total) after January

first season at Boro - 3 goals in last 16 league appearances

last year - 2 goals in open play (4 in total) after January, 15 league games.

this pattern of only being able to perform in spells, is it caused by physical problems or mental weakness/laziness?

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captain5 Posted on 15/6 12:09
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

Especially if they've been sent to the bar by their overly thirsty friends.

A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 12:12
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

damn boz, damn boz to hell!

Boromart - it is a problem yes. Maybe its a comfort zone he gets in? Remember, each season hes been here our leagues been effectively over by march

Also, the first season here alot of the blame lies with McClaren. Yak was scoring goals and was all of a sudden dropped, and didnt really get a look in with Jimmy and Duke scoring, he had to play in and out of the team. But even during that run he was brilliant at times, Basel in particular he had a quality game with scoring

Boromart Posted on 15/6 12:24
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

I always wonder if this milaria(?) mallarcky affects him physically?

A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 12:28
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

maybe hes just getting old now. i mean he is 23/24 *cough cough*

Angry_man Posted on 15/6 12:28
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

I think with a more cretive midfield and crosses coming in from both sides (not necessarily at head height) he could score a hell of alot more. We have to remember that he himself is still only 23 which isnt very old considering he has playing in the premiership for 4 years.

We have been a very boring defensive side for the last few years and with some excellent attacking minded players we could bring the yak out of his shell

boro74 Posted on 15/6 12:31
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

10 million for Yak would be good business. That's the way to do it. Get 2 or 3 good seasons out of a player and then sell them on at a profit. Boro have had too many players on long contracts and then leaving on a free. Viduka is the latest example.

A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 12:34
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

"Get 2 or 3 good seasons out of a player and then sell them on at a profit"

What a load of tosh. If someones being successful you dotn sell them on, you keep them and try and get even more from them

skiprat Posted on 15/6 12:35
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

If the timing of Viduka and Yakubu's goals had been reversed this season we'd have been biting Newcastle's hands off last week and this week telling anyone and everyone to fook off about Yakubu.

They both had decent seasons scoring goals at differing periods.

Once we sort out the right hand side of the team Yakubu and Boro will be laughing. FEED THE YAK and he will score. The service was very poor last season to our front two.

gravy_boat Posted on 15/6 12:37
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

"Get 2 or 3 good seasons out of a player and then sell them on at a profit"

He's a footballer, not a ailing small business.

andybarca Posted on 15/6 12:37
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

he had a perfectly good goal ruled out against fulham on the last day

boro74 Posted on 15/6 12:43
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

Read this, courtesy of Anthony Vickers. I'm sure he won't mind me putting it on here.

Sell, Sell, Sell
MASSIMO Maccarone is being touted round Italy's answer to Watford, Sheffield United and Boro and can go on a free this month - if he is willing to take a wage cut. If not, then the 8.15m record signing, will be released in the summer after four year of earning 20,000 a week.

Ugo Ehiogu, an 8m man when he arrived, is looking for a club now too - again his 20k plus income is the stumbling block - or he too will be released come June. And 2.5m midfield misfit Fabio Rochemback is hoping for a financial equation that bridges the wage gap to take him back to Sporting, probably on a free. Meanwhile the club are playing footsie with 4.5m hitman Mark Viduka over a new deal with the clock ticking down on his exit of nothing is agreed.

That is 23m worth of investment - plus the wages that have been thrown at them - walking away with no financial return and with a punative knock-on cost for replacements. And people are worried about Boro's record when it comes to buying players?

Buying players is the easy bit. Pile enough cash on the table and their eyes will roll up three cherries and they will come; Boro demonstrated that as they bought top earners like Ravanelli, Boksic and Karembeu. But when was the last time the club showed they could play the other side of the game shrewdly and sold a player at a tidy profit?

In the early years of Robbo there was a substantial quick return on the big investments, although admittedly the club had their arms twisted on most. Juninho arrived for 4.25m and bailed out to Atletico after relegation for 12.3m, Nick Barmby came in for 5.25m and out for a 1m profit just over a year later, shifting serial victim Paul Merson made a 1m surplus and escape clause specialist Christian Ziege made 3m plus High Court costs while the club broke even on both 7m Ravanelli and 4.5m Emerson. Given the three cup finals and a few years of unprecedented drama and glamour that spending produced it was not a bad return.

But Steve McClaren's reign saw an average outlay of 10m a season on transfers... and how much came back in that time? You will struggle to name a major out-going transfer. Cut-price deals and players released, usually with sizeable pay-offs, or contracts running out.

In that spell we have been in negative equity. In recent years almost all the major investment in team strengthening has eventaully been written off. Last summer, free-transfers Hasselbaink and Doriva were released along with Frank Queudrue going to Fulham for an undisclosed fee while Szilard Nemeth and Joseph Job also were let go after spells out on loan. That batch wasn't as costly as this summer's will be in terms but they still represent a significant level of depreciation and they still needed replacing, albeit on the cheap.

And of the current squad how many would make a profit? We could maybe get our money back on Yakubu with a fair wind but who else that was bought in is worth serious cash? Robert Huth has yet to prove he is a 6m man, Boateng would be hard to shift given his age and form, Pogotetz only really looks assured alongside Woodgate so unless we can interest Real Madrid he is an unknown quantity and who would buy Viduka given he is free in the summer.

Even the kids, refreshing and potential laden though they are, are hard to put a price on. Would Stuart Parnaby, Lee Cattermole or James Morrison instantly command a first team place in any other Premiership team? Who realistically would buy them just yet? Stewart Downing is the only sure-fire instant profit in the team - but is the player they can least afford to lose.

That is pretty poor really. All that investment and we can't cash in our chips. We must assume that either the players weren't as good as their initial price tag suggested, in which case the judgement of scouts and managers and negotiating skills of the clubchiefs are open to criticism, or that the club are not shifting players on at the optimum moment to make a profit which again raises serious questions over the way the club plays the market.

Clearly the club are aware of this financially damaging trend. It has contributed to the thrifty climate that has Keith Lamb warning that Teesside will get the club it can afford, underpins the widely publicised need for Gareth Southgate to shift players off the wage bill before he can buy, says something about the reported new turn to players of potential in the lower leagues and, in the long term maybe more significantly, the emphasis placed on the academy.

Once it was derogatory to be labelled as "a selling club" but that is the only healthy state for a club the size of Boro. Not panic driven closing down sales of the sort we saw at Ayresome under Amer but targeted sales at the optimum point in a players career and with sole aim being the generate the cash to reinvest and improve the team.

Buying big name players at overly inflated prices and then paying other teams to take them away in the last year of their deal is financial suicide and the only alternatives are to have a more astute grassroots scouting network to find better, younger and cheaper players then selling them on for a profit, or finding your own talent and nurturing it through to the first team.

That will be the next big leap forward for Boro, when the kids coming through are not stop-gaps in the first team but are the subject of specualtion that they are poised for big money moves. When Boro start selling again - at a profit - it will be a healthy sign of progress.

A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 13:46
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

anyone care to shorten that for me, i cant be bothered reading it all

Jonny_86 Posted on 15/6 15:21
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

maybe if yakubu learnt how to head a ball/shoot, then got a 1st touch he would be a decent player

A_New_Era Posted on 15/6 15:27
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

"maybe if yakubu learnt how to head a ball/shoot"

fook me, 35 goals and he CANT shoot?

and his header against newcastle this season with his head wasnt too bad was it?

boro74 Posted on 16/6 1:03
re: 101 appearances 35 goals


You lazy barsteward...

JSawyers200 Posted on 16/6 1:09
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

"Last summer, free-transfers Hasselbaink and Doriva were released along with Frank Queudrue going to Fulham for an undisclosed fee"

I can now confirm that this "undisclosed fee" was actually 30m.

Problem solved.

ExiledInStoke Posted on 16/6 1:12
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

Perhaps the moral of the story is that we have learnt to get the best out of players rather than sell for a profit and see them spend their best years elsewhere?

boro74 Posted on 16/6 1:15
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

WHO that has played for the Boro has consequently spent his best years elsewhere?

Marsked_bandit Posted on 16/6 2:06
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

Ah well, late at night, so here goes.
The fookin morons who want rid of Yakubu, just pisss offf and watch the other goal scoring machines around the premiership. (Kevin Davies, Alan Smith, Dirk Kuyt, Craig Bellamy, Andrei Shevchenko, Jermaine Defoe, Any Man city striker, Any Villa striker, Shola Ameobi, Rob Hulse, Heidar Helgusson, oh and Jeremie Aladiere) The lad has had a poor end to the season. So what, would you swap him for any of the above?

corruptbiggins Posted on 16/6 2:09
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

I don't think we need to worry about Yakubu leaving.

The way I see it is that if we get a quality striker, and I mean quality (spectacular even!), then he'll be allowed to leave if we get a good offer.

Whereas if we don't get a top striker then he won't be allowed to leave, at least not now.

Marsked_bandit Posted on 16/6 2:19
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

I'm not worrying about him leaving cos I have faith in Gibbo.
But, just a message for the fookin clowns who think he is so easily replacable. He is not, and of the strikers in our top two leagues who could we take at the same or less price, who would be as effective?

corruptbiggins Posted on 16/6 2:20
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

thats another thing. any replacement that we could get would probably be from another country.

Marsked_bandit Posted on 16/6 2:31
re: 101 appearances 35 goals

Even around the world they don't exist in the numbers we seem to think. Yakubu has played in one of the three best leagues in the world for the last three years. His goalscoring record is good. His first touch can be poor but on his day, when he picks up the ball wide left and cuts in, defenders sheet themselves. We seem to forget that. For someone who has has watched David Currie, Gary McDonald and Paul Sugrue, I think its a shame he sometimes gets a doing from fans.

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