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Spoff_MFC Posted on 21/6 9:41
Family Tree

Anyone of any interest in your family tree?

Recently discovered a relative who 'created the conservative man' whatever than means!

Also an Australian International Cricketer.

Capybara Posted on 21/6 9:42
re: Family Tree

Oh really Wakey. Who's that (the cricketer)? You never mentioned it before.

Fatsuma Posted on 21/6 9:48
re: Family Tree

A Black Country pig farmer!

My grandad stopped searching for his assumed aristocratic roots at that point!

Spoff_MFC Posted on 21/6 9:51
re: Family Tree

Fook off capy, just getting the thread started, that's why I put our Fred second

dischof Posted on 21/6 10:12
re: Family Tree

I found out that my great grandad who had died before my mam was born was killed in the Smiths Dock area. He had suffered from senile dementia and had gone wandering off and had stood on a land mine

Doing a family tree can be interesting but also quite sad.

bandito Posted on 21/6 10:13
re: Family Tree

My great grandad was a rum smuggler from Sao Paulo

captain5 Posted on 21/6 10:14
re: Family Tree

We've done this.

Can go back to about 1550, all Yorkshire family.

Including an Archbishop of York, who I'm (for some reason) named after.

Fatsuma Posted on 21/6 10:15
re: Family Tree


dischof Posted on 21/6 10:18
re: Family Tree

Also discovered my great great uncle was a footman to Queen Victoria

Come from farming stock in Suffolk

Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 21/6 10:19
re: Family Tree

My Grandad was cheaffuer <sp> to Colonel James Porter, inventor of Newcastle Brown Ale.

My Great Grandad rose from private to Leiutenant in the 1st world war (was made Corporal after a week!!) and won the Military Cross. The Town council in Blyth (where he lived) held a civic reception for him and presented him with a Gold watch in recognition.

Interestingly, our family tree wasn`t researched by a member of our family! (at least not one with our surname). His father was illegitimate, so no name was given on the birth certificate, meaning he came to a dead end with his own family name. He therefore decided to research on his mother`s side instead, his mother being part of our side of the family. He got it as far back as 1600, with the mysteriously named "Johannes". Sounds Dutch to me - no wonder i feel at home in certain parts of Amsterdam(!)

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cuteborochick Posted on 21/6 10:19
re: Family Tree

mine have their own village in italy

longster Posted on 21/6 10:20
re: Family Tree


I can claim Gracie Fields, Steve Harmison, and the Soldier that arrested Guy Fawkes!

Tom_Fun Posted on 21/6 10:21
re: Family Tree

My mam's been doing it for years. She's traced it back to the 1700's in Sligo. Records get a bit hazy after that.

Spoff_MFC Posted on 21/6 10:22
re: Family Tree

How could I forget, my great-granddad drove the Mallard, Sir Nigel Gresley and the Flying Scotsman.

And my Great-Grandad on my mothers side was some kind of loan shark, who kept all his records in his head. The day he died a lot of uncollected debt disappeared!!!

captain5 Posted on 21/6 10:23
re: Family Tree

longster - how far back in the tree was Steve Harmison??

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Fatsuma Posted on 21/6 10:25
re: Family Tree

Somewhere between Gracie Fields and Guy Fawkes!