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Buddy Posted on 21/6 13:39
Yahoo bus Rivals

Is different from

Link: Purchase

Buddy Posted on 21/6 13:40
re: Yahoo bus Rivals


trodbitch Posted on 21/6 13:43
re: Yahoo bus Rivals

Well it *is* different in that its a different top level domain but I am surprised rivals didn't buy them all up. Then again, rivals is a 2 - bit enterprise.

Capybara Posted on 21/6 13:45
re: Yahoo bus Rivals

And there I was ready to point out that you had missed the apostrophe off "'bus" ...

gravy_boat Posted on 21/6 13:45
re: Yahoo bus Rivals

I have a mental image of Yahoo arranging a corporate bus tour for Google executives.

PhillyMac Posted on 23/6 12:48
re: Yahoo bus Rivals

"our" rivals is part of the 365 group, so I assume they're different. actually manages to get more advertising on their site. Weird.

The_Commisar Posted on 23/6 12:51
re: Yahoo bus Rivals

as PhillyMac said, this is part of the football 365 empire, which is I think part of the mirror stable.

rob_fmttm Posted on 23/6 14:03
re: Yahoo bus Rivals was sold for 100m dollars to Yahoo on Thursday. Although the two companies have only ever been indirectly linked is designed by the Americans and run on their model in every way. I remember going to a meeting in London in about 2000 - about to hear how the American would eventually start making profits in a couple of years - I thought -"start!!!"

Anyway the template was developed by and the whole ethos of a fans network came from them. Perhaps it gives a nod to how much this network might be worth someday. Soon? was started by Chrysalis. We were all supposed to become shareholders (webmasters) then it hit the skids. First 365 bought it out or amalgamated. Then it was deliberately run down and asset stripped really for UK Betting to buy it. Who brought back the original American designers to look after the technology but apart from that did nowt.

Then earlier this year 365 media including Rivals was bought out by good old SKY for a few million. Funnily enough there was no cheque in the post and actually they didn't even find it necessary to let anyone know.

Itís a funny business.

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