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Tom_Fun Posted on 22/6 13:51
Marcotti's Top 50

I know how much you lot love him on here, he's now come up with a list of the 50 best players in Europe.

Clarence Seedorf???

Apologies if this has already been posted.

Link: Gobshite

captain5 Posted on 22/6 13:55
re: Marcotti's Top 50

I think Capybara will be sending him a stern letter regarding number 32.

Mat_Evans Posted on 22/6 14:05
re: Marcotti's Top 50

is he the baldy knapper, who use to host football italia?

jofus53 Posted on 22/6 14:13
re: Marcotti's Top 50

tevez is a bit high up for me. ibrahimovich has never fully impressed me so he wouldn't spring to my mind if i had to name 50

Tom_Fun Posted on 22/6 14:14
re: Marcotti's Top 50

No he's the fat loudmouth from Talkshite.

You're thinking of James Richardson, who was a very good presenter. Always had a nice dessert next to him with a sparkler in it.

Boromart Posted on 22/6 14:38
re: Marcotti's Top 50

that list is she-ite, where is Jason Euell?

bandito Posted on 22/6 14:42
re: Marcotti's Top 50

Havent got a problem with Marcotti at all. He is very clued up which is more than can be said about folk on here

guyb Posted on 22/6 14:47
re: Marcotti's Top 50

clued up he may be but he must have got a shoe-ing in the underpass once because he hates the Boro.

Tom_Fun Posted on 22/6 14:48
re: Marcotti's Top 50

He's not that clued up. Tevez better than Messi? Do me a favour.

bandito Posted on 22/6 14:50
re: Marcotti's Top 50

stop being so paranoid. The BORO are insignificant to him. He is expert on European football and doesnt have any axe to grind with Boro whenever he talks about us. Boro fans really have massive chips on their shoulders.

guyb Posted on 22/6 14:57
re: Marcotti's Top 50

For an expert on European football a UEFA cup finalist should not be that insignificant. I honestly haven't heard him say one good word about us.

Heard him say plenty against us including recently that we'll go bankrupt and be relegated.

He must hanging out with Mags or something.