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wool_skull Posted on 23/6 3:52
With Henry gone....

and David Dien gone, does anyone think that Arsenal's position in the 'elite' top 4 is vunerable?
I'm thinking that Dien, Wenger and Henry were the heart of the club and now it's going all Pete Tong for Wenger.He will be next one out the door if a decent job was available overseas.

Love to see Aliadiere tear them apart this season

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 23/6 5:29
re: With Henry gone....

Well if Rikjaard is sacked, and it has been suggested that he will be, it has been rumoured that Wenger may be heading to Barca as well.

chubster74 Posted on 23/6 6:51
re: With Henry gone....

I hope this is an end to all the drubbings they give us!!!

smithythered Posted on 23/6 7:30
re: With Henry gone....

Up early this morning Chubs?...$h!!t the bed?

RavsDad Posted on 23/6 8:04
re: With Henry gone....

There were times last season when they looked quite an ordinary team. I can't quite believe the comments from some Gunners fans that they have alternatives to Henry.

He has to be one of the top half dozen strikers in the world. Imagine what our reaction would be if we had an equivalent leaving. Although I hated him playing against us, I enjoyed watching him in the Prem.

I would say that Arsenal will struggle to stay in the top 4 now and possibly Spurs(?) are well placed to step up.

pogroy Posted on 23/6 9:26
re: With Henry gone....

arsenal will struggle to get into the top four next year. They will still play the nice pretty one touch football but they will stuggle to put it in the net

Parmotastic Posted on 23/6 9:52
re: With Henry gone....

i suppose it would be the equivilent to us letting yak or downing go for 7 million about 2/3 of what they are worth.

i looked on the ars page last night and they did not look too happy, but they were calliong him a french cuunt and all sorts, its a bit steep to be calling possibly their best ever player a cuunt.

sure he has left but he has been saying for years that they need to back up his ambitions and they just have not spent the money to persuade him to stay.

borobuddah Posted on 23/6 9:58
re: With Henry gone....

My Arsenal mates wre all doom and gloom about the backroom shenanigans pulling the Club down, before this happened, however, this is the start of the serious damage.

I think that the team might be better off without Henry though, everything had to go through him, no-one else would shoot.

wayvvee_dayvee Posted on 23/6 10:13
re: With Henry gone....

i can see them struggling to stay in the top 4 this season, they don't seem to replace any of their 'big names ' except with promising youngsters, they never replaced bergkamp, pires and vierra and he for me was the heart of the team, i really used to like watching them play, even when they used to dick us, as a football fan you couldn't help but admire their play..not anymore

samglish Posted on 23/6 10:28
re: With Henry gone....

They will be top 5, this season they did not have henry for the majority,but they do have adebayor, fabregas and van persie who will have to step up next season

number_10 Posted on 23/6 10:50
re: With Henry gone....

I hope not, I quite like Arsenal.

Much more likeable than their dispicable North London neighbors.

The_DiasBoro Posted on 23/6 11:30
re: With Henry gone....

I'd like to think we had a better chance at the Emirates now, but it's always been true that when big players leave, younger players 'grow'.

petrio Posted on 23/6 11:36
re: With Henry gone....

Arsenal have been consistent for years and have let many top drawer players go and haven't looked weaker for long, as their replacements groew stronger. Think of the players who have left and have been replaced - Overmars/Pires, Wright/Henry, Seaman/Lehman etc etc... I have a feeling that Van Persie will step up this year and will score a lot of goals.

Tom_Fun Posted on 23/6 11:39
re: With Henry gone....

I doubt very much they'll be able to attract a player of Henry's calibre to The Emirates again.

jeff_potato Posted on 23/6 11:41
re: With Henry gone....

I'd make a prediction about Arsenal come September 1st.

Man Utd were worried about not scoring enough goals last summer but with van Nistelrooy gone, Ronaldo scored a hell of a lot of goals, the entire team did.

As another poster said, everything had to go through Henry so perhaps now other Arsenal players will be less cautious. Of course I'd be worried if I was an Arsenal fan, but Wenger has rebuilt that entire club, it surely was never meant to be about one man out on the pitch, he's done too much work for it to descend to that.