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A_New_Era Posted on 27/6 10:29
Dont free ratty!!

the trouble causing swine

captain5 Posted on 27/6 10:30
re: Dont free ratty!!

Let him out.

Then put him back in.

McCann_87 Posted on 27/6 10:30
re: Dont free ratty!!


Come on you know you miss the little tyrant

A_New_Era Posted on 27/6 10:31
re: Dont free ratty!!

dangle him by his ratty tail at the entrance then kick him away. Even Boateng_7s allowed in

McCann_87 Posted on 27/6 10:32
re: Dont free ratty!!

Exactly!! Your letting someone post inane shite day after day yet i make helpful contributions to the board and provide laughter!! no wonder this boards going down hill when hill billies are allowed to post

A_New_Era Posted on 27/6 10:36
re: Dont free ratty!!

i will strike a deal with you mr rat. if you start a new thread and have over 60 posts on it by 2 pm i will start a free ratty campaign you may not contribute over 7 times to said post

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McCann_87 Posted on 27/6 10:38
re: Dont free ratty!!

im not doing that because i'd get banned for what i would post

Sleaford_Socialite Posted on 27/6 10:40
re: Dont free ratty!!

Try another Trevor Brooking thread, they seem popular.

A_New_Era Posted on 27/6 10:42
re: Dont free ratty!!

Boateng_7 is, however stupidly, partying in the fmttm house of fun *

Get_your_rat_out is watching through the boateng_7 licked window

* sarcasm was applied in this sentence

A_New_Era Posted on 27/6 10:57
re: Dont free ratty!!

truth time ratty

why were you banned

McCann_87 Posted on 27/6 10:59
re: Dont free ratty!!

no idea!!

i still dont know why i was banned and was never told why although i did get called a racist for some reason!

Maybe its just me on this but i always thought scuttling your sister was rather wrong and sick.

A_New_Era Posted on 27/6 11:01
re: Dont free ratty!!

*hides as tumbleweed rolls past. youve gone and done it this time ratty!*

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