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rob_fmttm Posted on 28/6 14:03
Subscribe to Fmttm

I have just completed the new subscription rates for next season and am glad to say just like Boro's season tickets the UK prices have been frozen for another season. Despite postal increases it will be £28 to subscribe to the fanzine next season. When we will be taking on board a few of your suggestions from the annual poll - more interviews etc.

Rates are £28 for UK; £38 Europe; £50 USA, Aus - postage is very high now overseas which is why we have an email version available for just £20 (+£2 if you wish to buy with paypal).

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Link: The rates, the details, the fanzine

Pauluka Posted on 28/6 14:10
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Can you give me a free years subscription just so I can see what it's like first?

its_tuncay_time Posted on 28/6 14:12
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Good call Pauluka.

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/6 14:21
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Umm a fella called Lord David almost did that once when he was unable to send cheques from Croatia.

I can of course email you a fanzine from last season which you can try before you buy.

Pauluka Posted on 28/6 14:23
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Do that then Rob

I'm not in Croatia, anyway that's not the point!

PV86 Posted on 28/6 14:35
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

No thanks I find it too PC for my taste.

oh_I_say_old_chap Posted on 28/6 15:27
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

I see you’re at it again you talentless red-nosed simpleton.

I couldn’t pay you because you only offered one form of payment, paypal which at the time, could not be used with a Croatian bank account, or indeed accessed from a Croatian ip. Any businessman worth his salt would have set up a system to accept credit card payments, or at least carried out a feasibility study on how it would affect your sales.

Although you have already decided that the credit card uptake ratio of your core market demographic middle-aged ex coal miners who laugh at things that are not funny because they think it makes the part of a club is so low it is not worth the hassle.

I should send you a bill for my wasted time reading crap about watching mules and nonsensical unintelligible ‘humour’ about cakes written by Arthur Scargill’s love children.

I would send you the £10 now if I didn’t think you would spend it on cheap gin or meths.

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the_broken_fridge Posted on 28/6 15:35
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Are you doing discounts for:

people with not much money
people with not much money because they spend it in the pub
fairweather readers
people who think they deserve a discount because they've been reading it since the beginning


If not, prepare for an ill-thought out backlash.

Fabio_Go_Go Posted on 28/6 15:38
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

WTF!! Who is 'oh_I_say_old_chap' he sounds like he has 'beef' bigstyle with you Rob!

speckyget Posted on 28/6 15:40
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

It's at times like this I miss BooBoy and his monkeyshines.

Still, good to see Lord Doris and sanity remain on resolutely non-speaking terms.

oh_I_say_old_chap Posted on 28/6 15:47
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Here he is the chief orchestrator of the endless drivel, smuggy-git the world’s least humorous funny man, fmttm is full of straight men, they’re all Wise and no Morcombe, that is why it is not funny.
Well at least for what he lacks in humour/local knowledge etc he makes up for my being jolly pleased with himself.

toodlepip you cockney dullard.

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rob_fmttm Posted on 28/6 15:49
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Lip Up Fatty

boroproud Posted on 28/6 15:51
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

mr old chap,,do you have a point to your inane drivel?

Huan_Kerr Posted on 28/6 15:54
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Hey up Lord David, hows the in-laws?

mollteaser Posted on 28/6 15:56
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

awww rob i just found a copy of fmttm issue num 69. sat 11th jan 1992,
boro v ipswich town and at the bargin price of 65p lol

wanna buy it? lolol

SuperBokSupper Posted on 28/6 16:03
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Sweep on how long old chap stays on before banning!

Let him stay rob, if only for a bit of light amusement.

Its been boring on here lately!

MarlonD Posted on 28/6 16:06
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

capio, you are a tool.

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/6 16:11
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Mollteaser - it was 60p - 65p would have been a nightmare for change.

If anyone would like to read a few pages email me and I can email you back some of the last issue of last season. Try before you buy.

Questions_Questions Posted on 28/6 16:14
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

That fat lad just can't let it go can he. How has Rob boiled his piss so?

Or has he just got little else to occupy his mind?

mollteaser Posted on 28/6 16:15
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

my mistake rob, i didnt have my glasses on lol

jamie pollock and lennie on the cover
lmao @ the speech bubbles!!!!

newholgate Posted on 28/6 19:54
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

We subscribed last season. Excellent service, very impressive

backofthenet_ascl Posted on 28/6 19:59
re: Subscribe to Fmttm

Oh I say Old Chap - what a tit!!!