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rob_fmttm Posted on 28/6 16:47
New Boro badge

"Please disgard all previous versions of the new MFC badge and use only the attached, slightly amended version." is the quote that came from MFC yesterday.

This is a slightly low resolution version to fit in with the website - but it looks like they have touched it up in one area I can see.

Link: Can you tell?

moxzin87 Posted on 28/6 16:48
re: New Boro badge

Damn. Its still got the scroll.

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/6 16:49
re: New Boro badge

They've adjusted the lettering slightly I think.

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Link: 1876

Mat_Evans Posted on 28/6 16:49
re: New Boro badge

i was hoping they would've got rid of that stupid line under middlesbrough!

wheelz Posted on 28/6 16:49
re: New Boro badge

A bit more swirly on the scroll work??

Agree, Mat.. deleting that would've been an improvement.

Still not happy with it tho'.. sooner have just replaced the 19 86 on the previous with 18 76

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Joe03 Posted on 28/6 16:49
re: New Boro badge

It's got nothing on the old badge, for me.

newholgate Posted on 28/6 16:50
re: New Boro badge

What's new? The black edge?

Rich_Boro Posted on 28/6 16:50
re: New Boro badge

Am I missing something?
That's a free hand sketch- even if it is lo res

Shaun71 Posted on 28/6 16:51
re: New Boro badge

I think the only difference is theyve changed the font on the scroll as Rob said. Its slowly growing on me

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/6 16:51
re: New Boro badge

I'll see if I can find the old new one if you know what I mean. To compare.

Mat_Evans Posted on 28/6 16:52
re: New Boro badge

i thought it would grow on me but it hasn't. I'll wait top see it on the shirt.

moxzin87 Posted on 28/6 16:52
re: New Boro badge

I was hoping it'd be

Link: this

shortandbald Posted on 28/6 16:55
re: New Boro badge

Dunno, it's starting to grow on me, but I will wait to see what it looks like embroidered on the shirts - assuming it is embroidered and not some cheapo ironed on or printed on thing.

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Mat_Evans Posted on 28/6 16:57
re: New Boro badge

i'm with mox, miles better that one.

borobuddah Posted on 28/6 16:58
re: New Boro badge

It looks worse the more I see it, someone get Buckorskys one sent in FFS!

riverside_roar Posted on 28/6 16:59
re: New Boro badge

Moxzin!? the one you were on about shyte!!!

moxzin87 Posted on 28/6 17:01
re: New Boro badge


Boro_HP Posted on 28/6 17:03
re: New Boro badge

By using HTML code to squeeze it into the dimensions of the website it looses it's sharpness, best bet to actually resize the picture physically in a image program and not use the HTML height and width tags to resize it, as they always make things look terrible... That's why it looks like a hand drawn image, and the edges are full of 'jaggies'

A direct link to the image at its correct dimensions would be better.

See below

On the whole the image certainly looks 'cleaner' and less amateur in its execution. From what I can tell (using the image here they seemed to have:

- Widened the shield border
- Picked a brighter red for the 'highlight' colour
- Unified the Middlesbrough font and the Football 1876 Club font
- Sorted out the terrible alignment issues between Middlesbrough and the line under it
- Given less space at the top of the shield for Middlesbrough and the line (infact looking more closely I think they have also 'shrunk' the height of the shield.)

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Link: Full Size Version

Shaun71 Posted on 28/6 17:04
re: New Boro badge

That does look a lot better

Brick_Tamland Posted on 28/6 17:07
re: New Boro badge

I quite like it. Don't think the line beneath the word 'Middlesbrough' is necessary, though. Wonder what size it will be on the new kit. Remember the large badge on the OldSkool shirt worn against Sampdoria? Would be good is this badge had similar dimensions.

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/6 17:11
re: New Boro badge

Thanks for that - it does look a lot better now.

Have checked and they have smartened up the text to MIDDLESBROUGH - obviously taken it away to a designer to be touched up.

Revol_Tees Posted on 28/6 17:11
re: New Boro badge

A daft question maybe, but will the club still take action to prosecute unofficial merchandise which uses the 1986 badge? Back in the early 90s there used to be some decent clobber knocking around at Stockton market with the real Boro badge on it. Not anymore, since MFC's "Only This Badge Makes It Official" campaign.

RavsDad Posted on 28/6 17:19
re: New Boro badge

Whilst there is no pleasing everyone I still think that the whole thing has a totally amateurish look to it. Those with 10 minutes to spare have created superior efforts and it frightens me to think that some company was ACTUALLY PAID for producing this.

It looks like a collaboration between the ticket office junior and anyone in MFC marketing, ie: No idea.

The typeface is pure 'Lucky Bag' printing kit, the line shouldn't be there, the scroll is a joke and the shading on it should be interesting if an attempt is made to reproduce it on a shirt.

Was it done by the same brain surgeons who made a total abortion of the Olympic logo?

No. I don't like it.

borobuddah Posted on 28/6 17:27
re: New Boro badge

Its pants, lets face it, that nancy scroll at the bottom, WTF?

I'm gonna get the tree ships original tattooed, sick of this nonsense

Shaun71 Posted on 28/6 17:46
re: New Boro badge

Ravsdad - no company was paid to do it

TeessideCleveland Posted on 28/6 17:57
re: New Boro badge

- my birthday cake had the new badge on
Hope it was the new new badge and not the old new one

Spilla Posted on 28/6 18:03
re: New Boro badge

RavsDad: my 10 minutes worth was done the day it came out, similar to the other ones that appeared on here... not sure how to get it uploaded though.

I'm not a lover of the scroll though it'll be a nightmare to reproduce on clothes and looks rubbish as a small image

rob_fmttm Posted on 28/6 18:05
re: New Boro badge

I saw it on jackets before the end of season and they looked like grammar school blazers. Lots of the detail simply doesn't work when it is reduced. Detail like the name of the club.

Turner_86 Posted on 28/6 18:15
re: New Boro badge

Well I think it's very smart.

The point was to put the old date on and reflect our history, that for me is why the scroll is there, the badge looks more historic than the 1986 badge. So if that was the intention, then whoever designed it has done a good job.

If you look on the Sky Sports website you can see a perfect example of how it looks in different sizes and it looks really smart on there alongside other clubs badges.

Look at what Villa have ended up with changing there badge this season and you can see it could have been a lot worse.

dieselofboro Posted on 28/6 18:21
re: New Boro badge

I'm a designer myself but not Graphics and i reckon the concept is there, but needs tidying uplot! The scroll thing just looks naff.

If you have a look at any new club badges they all have been simplified and have more of a logo feel to the badges which is great for merchandising etc.

Think the club have shot themselves in the foot bigstyle here and missed out on what could have been a good badge, the old one is great. Again a case of amaturism

Turner_86 Posted on 28/6 18:23
re: New Boro badge

Not really, because you can't simplify it anymore than having the lion on its own, and most Middlesbrough merchandice since 1986 has used that.

So a real change would have meant losing the lion.

Making badges look modern by simplifying them looks naff anyway imo, the scroll looks good and adds something different that we've never had.

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borolad259 Posted on 28/6 18:37
re: New Boro badge

I had an protracted email exchange with club officials when the revamped design was launched...but at the end of the day, it's down to Steve Gibson. It's what he wants....on an "it's my club" level.
It's a shame because it's such a retrogressive, naff design...all heritage and heraldry: the equivalent of a chintzy sofa. The round badge was simple, modern and effective...a bit of a tweak with the dates, and maybe fonts, and that would have been great.
The worst thing about this badge (apart from the crappy scroll), is that it looks a bit like a Liverpool badge from a distance. Still, I've got my pint mug with the round badge on...I won't be rushing to replace it.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 28/6 21:09
re: New Boro badge

"no company was paid to do it"

And you can tell. I still don't like it and don't suppose I ever will.