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rob_fmttm Posted on 29/6 15:50
Urgent - Calling all Charities

If anyone knows anyone at all that works for a Teesside charity then please do alert them to this. It is their last chance to win a Boro player for the day and so get a lot of publicity and probably a lot of money for their cause.


Today (Friday June 29) is the deadline for local charities and good causes to ‘win a Middlesbrough player’ and £2,000 through an exciting new community scheme.

Part of the Premier League’s flagship good causes programme, ‘Places for Players’ will see three Boro stars make personal appearances to help charities and community schemes raise awareness of their projects and create fundraising opportunities.

All 20 Premier League clubs are making three players available for charitable causes to ‘bid’ for this September.

To celebrate Boro’s community work, any charity or community programme based in the UK can apply for a Boro star to highlight their work between Saturday September 15 and Saturday October 6.

Three winning applications will not only get a member of Gareth Southgate’s team for an afternoon but will also receive £2,000.

A further 20 runners-up will receive £2,000 for their charity or good cause.

But the message is clear – don’t delay. The deadline for applications is 5pm today (June 29).

Application forms are available from,, by calling the Premier League Creating Chances Press Office on 0207 908 6592 or by emailing

rob_fmttm Posted on 29/6 16:43
re: Urgent - Calling all Charities

If anyone does know anyone that runs a charity tell them they have only a few mins left. It could make a big difference for them.

wheelz Posted on 29/6 19:48
re: Urgent - Calling all Charities

Already banged one in for MDSA Minibus Appeal Fund

chboro Posted on 29/6 19:50
re: Urgent - Calling all Charities

Scrounging cooooont.

flabby66 Posted on 29/6 19:58
re: Urgent - Calling all Charities

stockton sportsability club helping children with special needs try and take part in various sports also applied, thanks for posting it rob otherwise we would not have known.

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