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A_New_Era Posted on 29/6 22:54
Lily Allen

is strangely sexy despite being a chav

Table_Football Posted on 29/6 22:55
re: Lily Allen

She really isn't.

Sexy, I mean.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 29/6 22:57
re: Lily Allen

Nah, she's lovely!

jd1973 Posted on 29/6 22:59
re: Lily Allen

Her music is crap, she looks like her dad and she is another emblem for the chav culture undermining the fabric of the country.

borolad259 Posted on 29/6 23:00
re: Lily Allen

Fearne Cotton on the other hand....

Table_Football Posted on 29/6 23:01
re: Lily Allen

Myleene Klass can piss off as well.

A_New_Era Posted on 29/6 23:02
re: Lily Allen

fearne cotton could have another thread, shes that lovely

irish_boro_supporter Posted on 29/6 23:03
re: Lily Allen

thought her dad was good in robin hood

chboro Posted on 29/6 23:05
re: Lily Allen

She has a third nipple

jd1973 Posted on 29/6 23:07
re: Lily Allen

That's so her 17 year old fan club have a teat for each of their illegitimate offspring chboro.

george123 Posted on 29/6 23:12
re: Lily Allen


Rocky_Rhythm Posted on 29/6 23:21
re: Lily Allen

Spoilt kid, can't sing and struggles to read off an autocue. I like her!

Could do with spending a bit more cash at the hairdressers though

teflondon Posted on 29/6 23:23
re: Lily Allen

shes a freak
so ilike her
dye her hair ginga and ill probally end up marrying her

Lifer_Reilly Posted on 29/6 23:23
re: Lily Allen

I wouldn't use anyone of you who like her as a condom.

She's horrific

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 30/6 3:29
re: Lily Allen

She's an idiot.

The_Gibbon Posted on 30/6 6:15
re: Lily Allen

The_Gibbon would bum her. The_Gibbon thought she looked very nice on TV last night

bigdave85 Posted on 30/6 7:11
re: Lily Allen

The_Gibbon!!! It is good to see the Gibbon again!!

Lily Allen would definately get it!

A_New_Era Posted on 30/6 9:53
re: Lily Allen

some times when you see her in the papers, fag dangling out of mouth and generally looking a mess, obviously she aint too much of a looker. But when she makes an effort, shes quite pretty really

The_Gibbon Posted on 30/6 10:05
re: Lily Allen

The_Gibbon has been away on vacation BigDave, but fear not, he is back. Now come here, so I can give you a big gibbony hug!

rozi Posted on 30/6 10:07
re: Lily Allen

Some friends of mine took their children to Glastonbury last weekend, when they were leaving on the Sunday they were struggling through the mud with all their gear and their little 2 year old daughter in her buggy. A young lass in a big bright pinky coloured dress asked if she could help, picked the mud covered child out of the buggy and carried her for them. So if you were wondering why Lily Allen's dress was all muddy down the front, the mud was off Daisy's feet. My friends hadn't even realised who she was and couldn't believe it when they did. I think Lily is a lovely looking girl, bit of a big mouth yes but who isn't at her age, and anyone who goes out of their way to help somebody is ok in my book

boro1980 Posted on 30/6 10:16
re: Lily Allen

I would she even wants to sleep with a bird aswell (3 SOME GET UP THERE)

toxic_bob Posted on 30/6 11:30
re: Lily Allen

Her Glasto set was one of the worst I've ever seen. Can't sing, no stage presence, crap songs.

papa_smog Posted on 30/6 11:59
re: Lily Allen


boro_hayd Posted on 30/6 12:07
re: Lily Allen

i take it you all watched the friday night project last nite then :P

jam_the_parmo Posted on 30/6 12:11
re: Lily Allen

She's lovely and really interesting.

MsCurly Posted on 30/6 12:20
re: Lily Allen

What a great story rozi.

Good for Lily.

rozi Posted on 30/6 13:16
re: Lily Allen

Hiya MsC - where've you been I missed you. Did you enjoy the pub crawl then, don't forget I owe you 20 sponsor money.

MsCurly Posted on 30/6 13:32
re: Lily Allen

Hiya rozi! I've missed you too! Pc had been poorly, but I'm back now.

Perhaps we could arrange for me to pop over to your workplace sometime to collect the sponsorship money? You're so generous, I don't know how you afford to eat.

mairy_hinge Posted on 30/6 16:10
re: Lily Allen

How is Lilly Allen a Chav, she went to the same prep school as Prince Charles and lives in a notoriously wealthy part of London. She is a posh middle class lass trying to be Working Class, Keith Allen is her dad FFS and im sure he is not shy of a few Bob.

boroborob Posted on 30/6 16:52
re: Lily Allen

What kind of a numpty takes their 2 year old kid to glastonbury, never mind attempting to use a buggy there.

bigdave85 Posted on 30/6 16:59
re: Lily Allen

And did this 2 year old get a ticket that could have gone to an adult who really wanted one?

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Theblackcats Posted on 30/6 17:07
re: Lily Allen


4_3on_aggreg8 Posted on 30/6 17:56
re: Lily Allen

1 Loads of kids go to Glastonbury, plenty of facilities for them and they usually seem to love it.

2 Kids under age 12 get in for nothing. Not part of ticket allocation.

3 Lily Allen is cute.

heather85 Posted on 30/6 19:07
re: Lily Allen

Esky..4 different people on holiday have told me i look like lilly allen!! didnt know whether that was a compliment or not! hopefully its not the chaviness

bigdave85 Posted on 1/7 16:42
re: Lily Allen

Looking Lovely!

BarnesBoro Posted on 1/7 16:47
re: Lily Allen

I was quite impressed with her live singing,

esp. the la, la, la, la - bit

baldycrowe Posted on 1/7 16:49
re: Lily Allen

I must admit i just went to watch her on the telly then,looked rather nice

PumpingGnome Posted on 1/7 17:37
re: Lily Allen

Who's Lily Allen