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A_New_Era Posted on 1/7 12:05

anyone else having problems? usually i keep the program on all the time and all my files are green (completed) and uploading and i can download, but the past day or two everythings been red, nothing will dowload its as if the programs not connected

anyone any idea?

Table_Football Posted on 1/7 12:12
re: utorrent

Have you tried updating the tracker? Sometimes that is the problem.

A_New_Era Posted on 1/7 12:21
re: utorrent

ive downloaded the latest version, but im assuming thats not what you mean?

Rod100 Posted on 1/7 12:26
re: utorrent

highlight the torrent, right click - a drop down menu appears, go down to "update tracker" and click on it.

that may fix things.

A_New_Era Posted on 1/7 12:31
re: utorrent


Rod100 Posted on 1/7 12:35
re: utorrent

down load the torrent again, when it pops up uncheck all the files in the box then click on ok. it shoud do the hash check thing again and maybe start again from there.

Hezboro Posted on 1/7 12:37
re: utorrent

Mine did exactly the same thing

What site are you downloading/uploading to?

I use Oink, i couldn't get it to work and somebody on here posted me an alternative link to use.

I'm not too clever with the old computers so I dont know exactly whats happened but it works fine now.

I didn't do anything teshnical so its either the new link that sorted it or it just fixed itself.

Hezboro Posted on 1/7 12:39
re: utorrent

Having said that I've just checked and they've all gone red again!!!

A_New_Era Posted on 1/7 12:45
re: utorrent

hez, mines exactly same situation as yours. Use oink and its all red atm, used the new link but its still the same