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A_New_Era Posted on 1/7 14:04
Game On

quality tv

fastcakes Posted on 1/7 15:03
re: Game On

An excellent series (got the box set)

Was a little wary when the Matthew character changed actors after series 1, but the replacement did well, and the Martin character actually got better. The Mandy character was always hit and miss, but decent eye candy.
I think they ran out of steam in the 3rd and final series, with the plot lines getting too convoluted (doesn't that always happen?)

I think the complete box set is available from the usual outlets at a knock down price at the moment.

A_New_Era Posted on 1/7 15:04
re: Game On

it is, i got it yesterday

ste_north_stand Posted on 1/7 15:06
re: Game On

What was the theme tune again?

fastcakes Posted on 1/7 15:11
re: Game On

Where I Find My Heaven by The Gigolo Aunts