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rob_fmttm Posted on 2/7 15:04
Jokers Wild - Saltburn

How does this sound for a local comedy festival?

• Tues 17 July: Markus Birdman and Karen Bayley
• Weds 18 July: Norman Lovett and Jason Cook
• Fri 20 July: Mrs Barbara Nice and Jo Enright
• Sat 21 July: Jason Manford and Shameless Films

A stunning four-night Comedy Festival is set to make this a memorable summer in Saltburn.

The first Saltburn Comedy Festival brings four nights of brand new Edinburgh previews to Saltburn Community Theatre.

The final line-up includes three of the funniest women in the country, a Red Dwarf legend, two stunning cast members of Phoenix Nights, and the brand new team captain of Channel 4’s ‘8 out of 10 Cats.’

Festival organiser and promoter Rob O’Connor of media and PR service ten past eight said: “I could yap on for ages about this, and probably will, but this line-up pretty much speaks for itself. It’s a fantastic mix. This has all come together very quickly, and I think we’re going to have four memorable nights here.”

Headline comics confirmed include:

• Jason Manford: a Perrier nominee in 2005 and the brand new team captain on Channel 4’s ‘8 out of 10 Cats.’
• Norman Lovett: best known as ‘Holly’ in Red Dwarf and one of the first group of comics to play the original Comedy Store.
• Markus Birdman: a regular favourite at The Comedy Store, Jongleurs and all other major UK clubs, who is building an increasingly huge cult following.
• Mrs Barbara Nice: the comic creation of Janice Connolly, best known for her role as God-fearing barmaid ‘Holy Mary’ in the hugely popular Phoenix Nights.

Festival compere throughout will be James Harris, a Saltburn based writer and filmmaker who, as part of Shameless Films, won BBC3’s national Funny Hunt in 2006. Now moving into stand-up, he has already played at major cities including Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds and Newcastle.

James said: “This is a jaw-dropping line-up. I’m usually travelling all round the country to various gigs, but this is all literally within staggering distance home for me. Everyone else should be out in plenty of time to either catch the last train home, have a late-night party on the beach, or fall into a decent local BandB. Might as well make a night of it.”

All the shows take place at Saltburn Community Theatre on Albion Terrace. Doors and Bar open: 7.15pm. Shows begin: 7.45pm.

Tickets cost £12 per night, or £38 for a full Festival Ticket covering all four nights.

Tickets are on sale over the phone on 01642 729729, or from Middlesbrough Town Hall Box Office, Saltburn Health Foods, and Redcar Tourist Information Centre.

corruptbiggins Posted on 2/7 15:08
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

seen the posters around here and thought the line up looked interesting.

might have to make my way along - it's not as if I have far to travel!

Capybara Posted on 2/7 15:10
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

No Ray Martine?

(one for the oldies)

rob_fmttm Posted on 2/7 15:17
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

Hey capy - would you be interested in this?

Note the line up of next event at Buffalo Bar, Upper Street, N1

Sat 14th July

Link: Shrug in London

Capybara Posted on 2/7 15:29
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

Very interested.

But could someone translate that for old people, please?

rob_fmttm Posted on 2/7 15:37
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

Erm - I was unable to find a decent link. But I am playing a gig in London on Sat 14th July - first London gig of the century for the band wot I sing for SHRUG.

Venue is Buffalo Bar, Upper Street, that London, N1 and admission is a mere £5 entrance.

Apologies for terrible spelling of Buffalo Bar - feel like a bufffoon.

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Link: Guided Missile night at Buffallo Bar

Capybara Posted on 2/7 15:45
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

Might be up for that. Any idea what time Shrug are on?

rob_fmttm Posted on 2/7 15:53
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

That is a good question actually - seeing as we will have to drive home afterwards. I will do a preliminary investigation and ask the question. We're not first on and we are not last on but that doesn't really help.

Capybara Posted on 2/7 15:55
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

Okey dokes. Hope it's not too late.

Fischer Posted on 2/7 16:04
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

Anvil Springsteen has been added to the line-up for the Saturday night at Saltburn.

rob_fmttm Posted on 2/7 16:08
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

Anvil - it gets better. Wish I wasn't away again that weekend. I'll be there on the Tuesday.

Some great acts by the look of it and I really like the venue. That little community hall building just along the road from the railway station in the centre of town.

rob_fmttm Posted on 2/7 16:09
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

I really ought to put up a link to the festival website.

Link: tenpasteight presents

rob_fmttm Posted on 2/7 17:10
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

Capy - answer is roughly 10pm on stage. So not too late after all.

Capybara Posted on 2/7 17:16
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

Okey dokey. I'll have to see if I can fit you into my packed social calendar .....

rob_fmttm Posted on 2/7 17:17
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

Cheers I will be mostly immitating Dr Caligari!

Miklosh Posted on 2/7 17:29
re: Jokers Wild - Saltburn

have seen Anvil Springsteen at the Arc before, very very funny bloke - i would highly recommend.