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A_New_Era Posted on 2/7 22:25
Random odd boro fact

people like shaun71 will appreciate this

We havent had the double done over us by a top 4 team for 3 seasons now. The last team to do it were Chelsea and Arsenal in 04/05. Since then we have had

Arsenal 1 W 2 D 1 L
Chelsea 2 W 0 D 2 L
L'pool 0 W 2 D 2 L
Man Utd 1 W 2 D 1 L

If only we could do it against the teams of our standard....

boro_roddam Posted on 2/7 22:32
re: Random odd boro fact

2 seasons then?

A_New_Era Posted on 2/7 22:33
re: Random odd boro fact

going into a 3rd

j_orourke Posted on 3/7 0:42
re: Random odd boro fact

One of our best and loyal supporters is a 5'11" spotty faced CHICKEN!

JSawyers200 Posted on 3/7 0:47
re: Random odd boro fact

I was mascot for Boro 4 times and we never lost in the process.

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 9:11
re: Random odd boro fact

hoof for people who like stupid facts

Boro_2006 Posted on 3/7 9:13
re: Random odd boro fact

I was the first person to use the new swipe cards at the riverside last game last season!

captain5 Posted on 3/7 9:18
re: Random odd boro fact

I was there when we got promoted under Robbo the first time.

wool_skull Posted on 3/7 9:24
re: Random odd boro fact

Middlesbrough has the world's first mini roundabout !

Tom_Fun Posted on 3/7 9:37
re: Random odd boro fact

I have never caught a ball at a Boro match, or have ever been close to catching one.

wool_skull Posted on 3/7 9:48
re: Random odd boro fact

At Ayresome Park we had South Cleveland Garages painted on the roof of the North Stand.Apparently, at one stage, the worlds largest static advertisement BUT did you know that in the middle of the O in South the words 'Toon Army' were painted in.
The guy who ran SCG was a Skunk and had the painters put it there and it was there for years. He even had a photo of it in his office !

Spoff_MFC Posted on 3/7 9:52
re: Random odd boro fact

W_S, that is a fact that should have remained un spoken of.

At lease there isn't a gerodie shirt concreted into the foundations of the Riverside, unlike the SoL.

wool_skull Posted on 3/7 9:54
re: Random odd boro fact

I understand your concerns Spoff but we are big enough to take a jape aren't we ?

gravy_boat Posted on 3/7 9:57
re: Random odd boro fact

It was actually the Heritage Hampers sign painted on top of the North Stand at Ayresome.

And it was indeed the largest advertising hoarding in Europe at the time.

speckyget Posted on 3/7 10:00
re: Random odd boro fact

Compared with the fact that we made the 'Tyne' Bridge I think a minor graffito on a roof is pretty small beer.

zaphod Posted on 3/7 10:07
re: Random odd boro fact

Ayresome Park always claimed to have the world's oldest half-time scoreboard. It was just beside the Boys' End and was run by the Gazette, I think.

wool_skull Posted on 3/7 10:08
re: Random odd boro fact

Gravy_boat, Definitely SCG. I worked for Bill Robson ( the bloke who had it put there) and took many a bollocking in his office whist having to stare at the photo.

Table_Football Posted on 3/7 10:57
re: Random odd boro fact

I am in the same position as Tom_Fun.

Although I nearly got hit in the face, by a Rochemback shot in warm up, away at Sheff Utd last season.

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 11:00
re: Random odd boro fact

i have caught and took home 2 footballs from the boro matches then they cracked down on it *whistles*

gravy_boat Posted on 3/7 11:03
re: Random odd boro fact

Never been near to catching a ball at a match either.

Infact, I struggled to get near one on the two occasions I was a ball boy.

ExiledInStoke Posted on 3/7 11:15
re: Random odd boro fact

Captain5, I was there too, Stoke v Bolton.

Do you remember who canme on as sub keeper for Bolton?

captain5 Posted on 3/7 11:23
re: Random odd boro fact

Tina's fella.

Unless that's too cryptic.

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ExiledInStoke Posted on 3/7 11:33
re: Random odd boro fact

Way too cryptic for me, but it was Peter Shilton!