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A_New_Era Posted on 2/7 22:31
THE final, 2004

first of all, how good was this final? end to end, attaking football and could have been loads of goals

2nd, who else wants to just burst with tears and excitement watching it? i dont watch it much, but i just watched it again and when jobs goal went in i was punching the air

Strange thing this football malarky

Link: WOW

Stepper_T Posted on 2/7 22:48
re: THE final, 2004

The most surprising thing for me, looking back, is what a fcuking poor team we had. How the hell did that win a trophy?

Tuncay Posted on 2/7 23:12
re: THE final, 2004

Stepper very much agree with you! when you look back at the team n take juninho out it wos quiet bad

rob_fmttm Posted on 2/7 23:25
re: THE final, 2004

It was a TEAM though as in a unit. That's surely how we won.

TeessideCleveland Posted on 2/7 23:32
re: THE final, 2004

I remember going for a piss at half time and noticing every Boro fan was as worried as me after they had come back to 2-1

mfcineurope Posted on 2/7 23:39
re: THE final, 2004

thats what I remember, and walking in the stadium to see all the beer off!!!

littlejimmy Posted on 3/7 5:49
re: THE final, 2004

I don't think it's fair to say we had a poor team. Zenden was a good player and played well. Even Mendieta showed some good moments (his pass for Zenden). The defence and Schwarzer (apart from the blooper) were awesome. We should have won the game much more easily with the chances we had on the break in the second half.

shortandbald Posted on 3/7 6:42
re: THE final, 2004

Unfortunately those chances fell to Juninho on his own with 4 Bolton Defenders round him and Rickets, well enough said on that one

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 6:43
re: THE final, 2004

and mendieta, who missed a sitter. I had money on 3-1 Job 1st goal too

shortandbald Posted on 3/7 6:53
re: THE final, 2004

I had money on a 3 - 1 win and job first goal too. only a daft couple of quid which would have netted me a canny return but after about 94 minutes I couldn't have given a toss about the money anyway. . The one thing that really sticks out in my memory was thinking about my dad while they were setting up the podium. He passed away shortly after our FA cup final appearance and was so pleased to have seen then in the FA cup final, I just remember thinking how much he would have enjoyed that match and the occasion

ElvisRamone Posted on 3/7 7:16
re: THE final, 2004

I loved the Bolton corner when Danny Mills stamped on Nicky Hunts(i think?) foot and did a 'What? Who? Me?' to the ref.

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 7:32
re: THE final, 2004

after watching the highlights, shows just how open the game was. It seemed like we had a blistering start with the 2 in 7 mins, but after 4 mins they almost equalised!

shortandbald - alot of people have memories like that, a fair few emotional tears shed that day

Celestron Posted on 3/7 7:48
re: THE final, 2004

Elvis..the standing on the foot incident was typical Danny Mills after conceding the soft goal totally against the run of play Bolton were flying and looked like levelling the game at anytime. We were being run ragged and in need of a breather and Mills standing on Kevin Nolans foot at a Bolton corner provided it. Riley held up the corner and by the time he came over and talked to both Mills and Nolan a couple of minutes had gone by and we got our breather the corner was cleared and Bolton were never a real threat after that.

ElvisRamone Posted on 3/7 7:54
re: THE final, 2004

It was because it was so blatant, and he massively denied, that it was what made it funny.

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 14:21
re: THE final, 2004

that ball from Mendieta to Zenden for the first goal. Wow. Defence splitting to perfection

ALLIGATOR Posted on 3/7 18:00
re: THE final, 2004

are you lot STILL banging on about the carling cup?