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A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 8:22
fao rev and capio

are you both still ok getting kits for saturdays game?

Also, do you know of any refs that might be available. Strugglnig to get one atm

captain5 Posted on 3/7 8:42
re: fao rev and capio

Get Relfy in as the ref.

I've heard that as far as tough decisions go, he's totally objectionable.

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 9:07
re: fao rev and capio

trodbitch Posted on 3/7 9:11
re: fao rev and capio

Is Relfy the moaner of the team?

captain5 Posted on 3/7 9:13
re: fao rev and capio

Substitute 'world' for 'team' and you're about right.

Luckily none of us are nasty enough to make cheap shots about it.

trodbitch Posted on 3/7 9:16
re: fao rev and capio

Sounds like a right Savage Dickov!

Reverend_Comfort Posted on 3/7 11:31
re: fao rev and capio

Capio is supplying yellow tops but can his team bring blue shorts and socks. No luck on the Ref front I'm afraid

I'm waiting for a response from my mate about another kit, will update you later

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 11:57
re: fao rev and capio

hmmm, dont think itll be possible to get everyone to get hold of a pair of blue shorts and socks. Ill think of something