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rob_fmttm Posted on 3/7 11:46

Libel - Please do not post anything on here that you are not prepared to back up in court.

Rumours about real people - If in doubt don't post it.

There have been far too many people naming and apparently shaming - you cannot hide behind your user name - it is no defence in law. Please don't spoil this message board for everybody else.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 3/7 13:17
re: Libel

I hope this isn't because of number9point5 threatening to sue me Rob re: the God Delusion Post!

tjf81 Posted on 3/7 13:21
re: Libel

think it's to do with the Coronation pub thing.

sasboro Posted on 3/7 13:22
re: Libel

no, its to do with the press conference

Snickerdoodle Posted on 3/7 13:25
re: Libel

No it's to do with the "I am Rob's Love child" thread.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 3/7 13:27
re: Libel

oops left off the smiley I was going to use the

oh well

number9point5 Posted on 3/7 13:31
re: Libel


First off I did not threaten to sue you because you no doubt have don't any assets worth the effort. You accused me of plagiarism which is a very serious accusation. Now if you can prove that beyond reasonable doubt fair does. Unfortunately I think you will find my dissertation was written well before the internet became a forum for misinformation.

As Rob said Libel is a serious and expensive business.

That said Iím off on a 10 week holiday on Thursday and if you think that I will lose sleep over your accusations think again.

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Corporal_Bones Posted on 3/7 13:31
re: Libel

I would think it's to do with the likes of captain5, New Era, & the rest of the smuggards etc putting a smiley thing after one of their "witty" comments" when it's quite obvious they're not funny.

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guyb Posted on 3/7 13:31
re: Libel

There was a great letter in Private Eye in the 60s from Spike Milligan complaining about the lack of actionable material recently.

Underneath the letter was an article by their Libel correspondent headlined "Spike Milligan is a dirty, Irish Poove"

TheSmogMonster Posted on 3/7 13:46
re: Libel

As I said number9point5, I'd be delighted to read the entire document, including the major part which wasn't on Yahoo. (with proper references). I'd also demand that you persude action against watchman on Yahoo who actually did plagerise part of your disertation.

But if your now pretending you didn't threaten to sue me, I suggest you read you post again an redefine what you would be persuaing in regards to libel, because it seems pretty clear.

Its quite sad really.

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trodbitch Posted on 3/7 13:49
re: Libel

I'm with smogmonster on this one. I think his comments about you bullshitting were fair comment.

Duncan_Blackheart Posted on 3/7 13:58
re: Libel

don't you also have to prove a loss has been sustained?

trodbitch Posted on 3/7 14:00
re: Libel

I think you have to show that your reputation could have been soiled in the eyes of a right-minded person, or some utterly complicated prose.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 3/7 14:08
re: Libel

He'd have to prove the defamation led to a financial loss, or potential loss yeah. He'd also have to claim a loss of face.

As he's anonymous that'd be hard, unless he pubically outed himself.. in which case it'd be his own fault.

After that, he'd have to argue what the defamation is, against some pretty compelling evidence, he would also have to persue the phantom poster on Yahoo who stole his work.

Further to that, folks are allowed opinions, I said he was a B*llsh*tter because he has previous in my opinion. There are safeguards in law to protect that.

Aside from that: "Now if you can prove that beyond reasonable doubt fair does." Now surely everyone must know that beyond reasonable doubt does not exist in civil law, and that it would be on the balance of probabilities.

Also he'd have to take rob to court too as the publisher (I believe).

If rob feels that anything I've said is in anyway libellous within the boundries of the law I'd be disappointed but happy for him to delete the info.

I just think its really sad that a member of this community is threatening to sue another because he appears to have been rumbled.

I could go on....

Boro_HP Posted on 3/7 14:11
re: Libel

Additionally how can you sue for libel against someone who has insulted your online alter-ego? It has no value or rights. You'd be hard pressed to demonstrate that you lost anything of value by being defamed on here.

Simply ludicrous.

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gordyp Posted on 3/7 14:15
re: Libel

sad to see threats like this on what should be, and usually is, an open and enjoyable p--s take of a site

Towell Posted on 3/7 14:16
re: Libel

Bore off.

ThePerfectOmlette Posted on 3/7 14:30
re: Libel

Can someone give me back the 5 minuets of my life ive just wasted reading this gash,

if not im going to Sue!!

FFS Get some balls!!!

captain5 Posted on 3/7 14:33
re: Libel

You know someone called Sue with balls??

That's libel!!

tunstall Posted on 3/7 14:35
re: Libel

is it libellous (sp?) to say that the yak couldnt hit a bovines backside with a stringed instrument?

rob_fmttm Posted on 3/7 14:53
re: Libel

My original post had nothing whatsoever to do with the argument between two posters on this forum. It was merely pointing out that posting rumours about real people, their lives, jobs, reasons for dismisal etc is not ON at all.

In recent weeks there have been far too many posts that have had to be removed because they were potentially libellous. I'm just underlining once again that (as sad as it is to say) we all must abide by the same libel laws as newspapers etc.

ThePerfectOmlette Posted on 3/7 15:14
re: Libel

So if i was to say who the real father to Stewart Downings Kid is,
Would that be seen as libelous, providing i was lying of course.

rob_fmttm Posted on 3/7 15:23
re: Libel

Omlette - itcould leave you with egg on your face.

ThePerfectOmlette Posted on 3/7 15:30
re: Libel

"Cant make an omlette without getting egg on the face",
Summet like that anyway.

is that considered libelous then?
simple question really id prefer an answer than a smart assed response,

rob_fmttm Posted on 3/7 15:37
re: Libel

I thought you were being smart arsed.

Of course you cannot say that, Omlette. Whether you were lying or not for that matter.

Put it this way that could be one of the very worst things you could do - because he is a local player and therefore it is more likely to be picked up on. Either we would get an official complaint or if lucky someone would ring/email me and say please take that post off. If unlucky then we would get a solicitor's letter. Then we would be both be in hot water.