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Tom_Fun Posted on 3/7 12:53
Are we under more threat...

now than in the days of the IRA bombing campaigns?

I'm too young to remember the Birmingham and Guildford bombings very well, would you say the country is facing a bigger danger these days?

speckyget Posted on 3/7 12:59
re: Are we under more threat...

You could ask someone in Belfast...

Seriously, don't underestimate how bad the early/mid 70s were. Shooting indiscriminately into London restaurants became the IRA fashion for a while.

jofus53 Posted on 3/7 13:11
re: Are we under more threat...

like you tom i'm a little young to remember the full impact of the IRA, i do remember the arndale centre in manchester blowing up about ten years ago, maybe longer, and that was quite scary.
on the whole though to me it does feel like more worrying times now, and with the potential of car bombers and suicide bombers the people carrying the threat seem to be unlimited in the extremes they will go to for their cause

Tom_Fun Posted on 3/7 13:51
re: Are we under more threat...

I guess the fact that specific anti-terrorism laws came in after September 11th and July 7th suggests that the government are more worried about this particular brand of terorism than the IRA campaign.

speckyget Posted on 3/7 14:28
re: Are we under more threat...

Again, not sure that's necessarily so. There were plenty of laws brought in to combat the IRA - internment without trial for example was far more draconian than anything currently in play.

Towell Posted on 3/7 14:30
re: Are we under more threat...

Why don't they have a media blackout like they had with the IRA, surely this leads to less fear of terrorism?
Since fear is the main aim of it.

I think its because the government wants us to be afraid, big brother is watching.

red_rebel2 Posted on 3/7 14:32
re: Are we under more threat...

There was an outbreak of 'paddy bashing', especially near garrison towns. Of course, if Seamus had done nothing he had nothing to fear.

Towell Posted on 3/7 14:33
re: Are we under more threat...

Now we can also blame the ills of the NHS on immigrant workers.


PV86 Posted on 3/7 14:36
re: Are we under more threat...

I'm old enough to recall those days and I would say its the same level of threat i.e. not much chance of you getting caught up in it. There were 57 deaths in 2004 bombings and none since. Every year 3,500 are killed on the roads, but it doesnt stop you driving.

Tom_Fun Posted on 3/7 14:37
re: Are we under more threat...

Speckyget, were these internment laws subsequently used with all suspects or was it limited to suspected terrorists?

speckyget Posted on 3/7 14:38
re: Are we under more threat...

Just suspected terrorists, and only in Ulster.

ThePerfectOmlette Posted on 3/7 14:40
re: Are we under more threat...

Not bothered at the mo, hasn't effected me personally at all,
in fact i pitty the poor suckers, willing to give up their own life in some half hearted attempt to become a martyr,
ffs they are amatures,
idiots with misguided beliefs, comical really.

TBH, IMO, there are bigger crimes going on under our noses every day and things i am more concerned about than these amature Muslim so called terrorists.

i may change my opinion if a series of well orgainsed attacks hit the north east,

littlejimmy Posted on 3/7 14:41
re: Are we under more threat...

I want them to dub over Osama's voice on those AQ videos with Gerry Adams' voice.

Towell Posted on 3/7 14:42
re: Are we under more threat...

I'd be more concerned about your spelling!!

red_rebel2 Posted on 3/7 14:44
re: Are we under more threat...

Although "suspected" was a pretty broad term. An anonymous phone call would do at the height of internment so there was alot of score-settling going on.

Also they had 'Diplock ' courts, no juries and only three judges sitting and the defence having limited access to the evidence and limited rights of cross examination. That is why so many cases got thrown out later and massive amounts of compensation were paid out.

Tom_Fun Posted on 3/7 14:46
re: Are we under more threat...

TPO, it hasn't directly affected me either, but I just remember how frightening it was watching the news two years ago, knowing that there were people living in this country who were capable of doing things like that. If it can happen in Glasgow, why not the North East?

red_rebel2 Posted on 3/7 14:48
re: Are we under more threat...


* 1971 31 October: A bomb planted by the Provisional IRA explodes in the Post Office Tower in London causing extensive damage but no injuries.[1]

* 1972 22 February: The Official Irish Republican Army kills seven civilians in the Aldershot bombing.

* 1972 19 September: The group Black September post a letter bomb to the Israeli embassy in London killing an Israeli diplomat.[2]

* 1973 10 September: The Provisional IRA set off bombs at London's King's Cross Station and Euston Station injuring 21 people.[3]

* 1974 4 February: Twelve people are killed by the Provisional IRA in the M62 Coach Bombing.

* 1974 17 June: The Provisional IRA plant a bomb which explodes at the Houses of Parliament, causing extensive damage and injuring 11 people.[4]

* 1974 5 October: Guildford pub bombing by the Provisional IRA leaves 5 dead and 44 injured.

* 1974 22 October: A bomb planted by the Provisional IRA explodes in London injuring 3 people.[5]

* 1974 21 November: The Birmingham pub bombings, 21 killed and 182 injured by Provisional IRA bombs.

* 1979 30 March: Airey Neave killed when a car bomb exploded under his car as he drove out of the Palace of Westminster car park. The Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) claimed responsibility for the killing.


* 1980 30 April: The Iranian Embassy Siege where a six-man terrorist team held the building for six days until the hostages were rescued by a raid by the SAS which was broadcast live on TV.

* 1981 21 January: Sir Norman Stronge, 8th Baronet and his son Sir James Stronge, 9th Baronet are killed by the IRA and their home Tynan Abbey bombed.

* 1982 20 July: The Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings in London by the IRA kill eleven members of the Household Cavalry and the Royal Green Jackets.

* 1983, 17 December: Harrods was bombed by the IRA. Six are killed (including three police officers) and 90 wounded during Christmas shopping at the West London department store. (See 17 December 1983 Harrods bombing)

* 1984 12 October: Brighton hotel bombing, 5 killed and several injured in an attempt by the IRA to kill Margaret Thatcher.

* 1987 8 November: The Remembrance Day Bombing in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. 11 killed by a IRA bomb which went off during Remembrance Sunday commemorations.

* 1988 21 December: Pan Am Flight 103 (Lockerbie) blown up by a bomb in a suitcase while in flight over Scotland after taking off from Heathrow. 270 were killed.

* 1989 22 September: Deal barracks bombing: Eleven Royal Marines bandsmen are killed and 22 injured when base in Deal, Kent, is bombed by the IRA.


* 1990 20 July: The IRA detonate a bomb at the London Stock Exchange causing damage to the building. Nobody was injured in the blast.[7]

* 1990 30 July: Ian Gow MP killed by a car bomb planted by the IRA while at his home in Sussex.

* 1991 7 February: The IRA launched three mortar shells into the back garden of 10 Downing Street.

* 1992 10 April: The IRA detonate a carbomb outside the Baltic Exchange in the the center of London, killing three people. Many surrounding buildings were damaged and the Exchange was ultimately demolished and replacement by a modern building at 30 St Mary Axe.

* 1992 25 August: The IRA plant three fire bombs in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Bombs were placed in Shoplatch, The Charles Darwin Centre and Shrewsbury Castle. The latter causing the most damage as the castle housed the Shropshire Regimental Museum and many priceless historical aritifacts were lost and damaged by fire and smoke. No fatalities or injuries were recorded.

* 1992 3 December: The IRA exploded two bombs in central Manchester, injuring 65 people.

* 1993 20 March: Warrington bomb attacks. The first attack, on a gasworks, created a huge fireball but no casualties, but the second attack on Bridge Street killed two children and injured many other people. The attacks were conducted by the IRA.

* 1996 9 February: The IRA bombs the South Quay station, killing two people. (see 9 February 1996 South Quay bombing)

* 1996 15 June: The Manchester bombing when the IRA detonated a 1500kg bomb which destroyed a shopping centre and injured 206 people.

* 1998 15 August: The Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland. 29 killed and about 220 injured, by a car bomb attributed to the breakway group the Real IRA.

ThePerfectOmlette Posted on 3/7 14:53
re: Are we under more threat...

I just don't think i care that much,

this problem to me is like an annoying nieghbour,
It pisses me off more than makes me worried,

i just wish i could be sorted out by going over and giving the problem a smack in the mouth.

seriously though, i cant see how it can be solved.
FuckingReligion any religion, i just dont understand people devoting their whole way of life to it.