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Spoff_MFC Posted on 3/7 16:20
Leeds Go Splat?

Won't be able to guarentee to the league that they can fulfil their fixtures if they're not careful.

Bandy, any inside info?

Link: Yorkshire Evening Post

fastcakes Posted on 3/7 17:35
re: Leeds Go Splat?


PumpingGnome Posted on 3/7 17:45
re: Leeds Go Splat?

Leeds and Bates in one fell swoop.

Who said there isn't a God?

karembeu_ca Posted on 3/7 17:46
re: Leeds Go Splat?

how many pence on the pound did we pay?

TeessideCleveland Posted on 3/7 17:57
re: Leeds Go Splat?

ScarboroSmoggy Posted on 3/7 18:05
re: Leeds Go Splat?

100p in the

The_Commisar Posted on 3/7 20:30
re: Leeds Go Splat?

Bates, horrible horrible man

littleboro Posted on 3/7 20:35
re: Leeds Go Splat?

"...The news may come of dramatic consequence to the League One side, who, according to Bates, may be forced into liquidation, which would eventually see the Elland Road side fold."


Link: oh dear--sky sports news link

ThePrisoner Posted on 3/7 20:36
re: Leeds Go Splat?

Some of Leeds' biggest creditors are off-shore companies of whom nobody knows who owns them. It would be wrong if the chairman of the club also owned these companies and then paid himself a few pennies in the pound to gain control of the club. Yes, that would be very wrong.

jd1973 Posted on 3/7 20:36
re: Leeds Go Splat?

The man is a bully.

Having said that the rival consortiums now offering 40p were nowhere to be seen in Janaury when the club asked for investment. They were clearly looking to get the club on the cheap post liquidation rather than picking up the clubs debt beforehand, so they ain't nuch better.

Should be a good derby next year - Leeds United vs Harrogate Railway.

flakey_scrotum Posted on 3/7 20:54
re: Leeds Go Splat?

this is a fookin's pretty much evident that Bates et al at Leeds have never had any intention of repaying the Inland Revenue. Good on the IR for chasing the horrible basted....he is in effect cheating the ordinary tax payer...which by reading many posts on this board.....tends to fck people off!

..or and on the plus side....bye bye Leeds

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Borobarmy Posted on 3/7 21:07
re: Leeds Go Splat?

Marching on together . Oh well maybe not !

Bet Juninho is smiling .

borobadge Posted on 3/7 21:38
re: Leeds Go Under....

Lord, i hope so......

GrumpyOldGit Posted on 3/7 21:44
re: Leeds Go Under....

It's not often that I find myself praising HMRC but I'm with them on this one. Strange how no-one can trace the ownership of the offshore companies, isn't it?

And I was so looking forward to going to Pools v Beeston Utd next year...

EDDIE62 Posted on 3/7 21:47
re: Leeds Go Splat?

i hope they are ,we will be the biggest team in yorks then

boroproud Posted on 3/7 21:54
re: Leeds Go Splat?

i've just been on their site to pass on my regret at their demise

Link: care to join me?

tiocfaidharla Posted on 4/7 11:19
re: Leeds Go Splat?

are you lot really football fans ?

Tom_Fun Posted on 4/7 11:36
re: Leeds Go Splat?

It's funny what has happened to them in footballing terms but I wouldn't want any team to go bust, Leeds included.

sasboro Posted on 4/7 11:47
re: Leeds Go Splat?

i hope they get rid of bates and get back into the top flight. I miss that rivalry. prefer a fuller stadium and good atmosphere with a few thousand leeds fans than a few 100 from pompey.

zaphod Posted on 4/7 11:47
re: Leeds Go Splat?

Actually, Leeds is a fantastic business opportunity. Massive potential and the cost of paying off the debt and acquiring them is relatively small (for someone with big money) compared with what they could become. I'm amazed no-one wants to take a punt (but dealing with Bates probably puts people off).

bandito Posted on 4/7 11:48
re: Leeds Go Splat?

Look out for Adam pearson

sasboro Posted on 4/7 11:50
re: Leeds Go Splat?

I think a few people did want to take them on but bates decided to ignore them so his people could buy it for 1p in the pound. bates upped his offer to 8p in the pound a few days ago..why wasnt that the case in the first place?

gravy_boat Posted on 4/7 11:54
re: Leeds Go Splat?

'Are you lot really football fans?'

Yep, a football fan who has suffered more abuse and vitriol at Elland Road than any other football ground in this country.

Walking to the ground - 'Fuk off you stinking bas tards'

Non-stop kiddie fiddler chants.

The absolute delight that was shown the day you sent us down.

Yep, proper football fan me. And I've got no sympathy for them whatsoever.

Bye Bye

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foggonsfplandiet Posted on 4/7 13:27
re: Leeds Go Splat?

"are you lot really football fans ?"

Yes, that's why I will shed no tears at all for Leeds United; they bring the game of football into total disrepute.

Brick_Tamland Posted on 4/7 13:32
re: Leeds Go Splat?

For somebody who isn;t exactly sure what could happen to Leeds as a result of the hearing on Friday, could somebody outline the implications?

Surely there's no chance of them being relegated or closed down?

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 4/7 13:33
re: Leeds Go Splat?

There are some genuine Leeds fans out there who I feel sorry for, and it is wrong that such a great club should be in such a mess, but would they be sympathetic if it was the other way round? I doubt it. They're in the state they're in because of their own greed and mismanagement, so tough!

No time for Bates either.

littleboro Posted on 4/7 17:56
re: Leeds Go Splat?

sky sports news link.

its looking good.

Link: bates latest.

br14 Posted on 4/7 18:07
re: Leeds Go Splat?

"how many pence on the pound did we pay?"

You mean in 1986?

Boromart Posted on 4/7 18:11
re: Leeds Go Splat?

in 1986 - 100p in the pound. We were forced by the league to do so, otherwise our membership of the football league would be revoked.

This was done as an example to stop other clubs from clearing debts in this manner. Since then when similar situations have occured the Football League have NOT administered the same regulation - we are the only ones forced to do so.

Again we are abused by the footballing powers and other clubs are given easier routes out of irregularities.

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BoroDancer Posted on 4/7 18:21
re: Leeds Go Splat?

Leeds will probably dcome out of this for the better, by that I mean they will have got rid of Bates.

capitao Posted on 4/7 22:30
re: Leeds Go Splat?

I want to have the tax mans love child.

borobuddah Posted on 4/7 23:20
re: Leeds Go Splat?

Great photo Little, where's his fishing rod?

Spoff_MFC Posted on 5/7 9:23
re: Leeds Go Splat?

If Leeds are liquidated, will HMRC even get the 1p in the pound?

Think we all need to remember 1986 before having ago. No football club deserves this.