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A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 16:42

for some reason, im quite excited by his signing. I by no means think he will get 30 goals, but his pace can frighten teams and it seems like our style of play will be alot different next season and i think he could well be successful in thie system

A right back and a good right midfielder, keep Yak and itll look pretty good. Add to that a couple of squad players and next year could be an exciting time

GibbosEmpire Posted on 3/7 16:43
re: Aliadiere

What if Yak is sold,your theory would be quashed?

captain5 Posted on 3/7 16:43
re: Aliadiere

So you want four additional players plus Yak to stay??


dan87 Posted on 3/7 16:44
re: Aliadiere

if yak is sold - we would need a goalscorer with a presence, as our other forwards are lightweight.

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 16:45
re: Aliadiere

If Yak is sold, we need to bring in a ready made replacement, someone proven who can do it

Cap - 4 players yes. Right back and right mid = essential. Then a centre mid cover and a right back cover (both of whom id expect to cost less then 1.5 mill each)

Gamblor Posted on 3/7 16:46
re: Aliadiere

presence is that important, goals are.

arsenal in recent years have had the most lightweight forward line I've seen, yet that hasn't stopped them doing well.

dan87 Posted on 3/7 16:53
re: Aliadiere

i can see boateng and mcmahon being the cover for right back. im not really sure where boateng will fit in, otherwise.

Boromart Posted on 3/7 17:04
re: Aliadiere

Steinssen - 3.5mill
Cicinho - loan or Wilhelmsson 3mill
Davis from Villa - 2 mill

keep Yak, or sell and replace with Crouch.

No probs. It's easy this footy manager malarcky.

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 17:12
re: Aliadiere

Steinsson - 2-3 mill
Wilhelmsson - 3 mill
Diarra - 4 mill
Surman - 1.5 mill

Release Mendieta. Keep Yak and listen to offers for boateng and Riggott

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dan87 Posted on 3/7 17:17
re: Aliadiere

id be happy with boromarts suggestions, but would u class them are 'spectacular'

Boromart Posted on 3/7 17:23
re: Aliadiere

These signings would be magnificent.

I'd prefer magnificent to spectacular any day of the week

sasboro Posted on 3/7 17:25
re: Aliadiere

you wont get anything for boateng and riggot wont go for much either. club will just be happy to save on his wages. so thats an extra 10m needed to be found on top of 9m for woodgate and alaidere that was found.

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 17:26
re: Aliadiere

IMO opinion, everyone of the players i mentioned would be first 11 candidates (except surman, hes for the future) and if they improved our team, that would be spectacular

big picture gents, big picture

dan87 Posted on 3/7 17:29
re: Aliadiere

sas, the wage bill has been cut considerably since southgate came into charge. im sure theres room for a few buys in the transfer market.

who does surman play for? not sure ive heard of him. is he an FM find?

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 17:30
re: Aliadiere

sas, the money from the tv deal should cover it. Plus the fact we always had money set aside for Woodgate, we had the Aliadiere thing set for January so had the money then, on top of the fact we spent very little last summer in the rebuilding

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 17:31
re: Aliadiere

surman plays for southampton

phill6 Posted on 3/7 17:35
re: Aliadiere

aliardiere has been signed to play right midfield

A_New_Era Posted on 3/7 17:36
re: Aliadiere

abit stupid if thats true...

sasboro Posted on 3/7 17:45
re: Aliadiere

makes sense when we have the yak and tuncay who cn score the goals. southgate probably remembers smac playing massimo on the right. Have we been linked in recent weeks to any attacking right midfielders or just mostly right backs

CHEESE_PIES Posted on 3/7 17:49
re: Aliadiere

Didn't Lamby say a few backs back, we'd bid 4.5m for Scott Brown, who moved from Hibs to Celtic

So there's some cash we must have; also suggests we're still looking for someone in the Scott Brown centre midfielder

jimmyace Posted on 3/7 17:54
re: Aliadiere

So there's some cash we must have; also suggests we're still looking for someone in the Scott Brown centre midfielder

funny seen as he is a right winger

dan87 Posted on 3/7 17:55
re: Aliadiere

he can play both, dont u play football manager?