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A_New_Era Posted on 5/7 22:55
fao Mat_Evans

fancy playing in the game at conyers on saturday?

whats_the_score_like Posted on 5/7 22:57
re: fao Mat_Evans

I'll text him tomorrow, I hope you're not recruiting him for the blue bell ends.

A_New_Era Posted on 5/7 23:00
re: fao Mat_Evans

us yellows be a man down now, im trying to sign him on a free

whats_the_score_like Posted on 5/7 23:04
re: fao Mat_Evans

Who has pulled out? Lisbon?

A_New_Era Posted on 5/7 23:04
re: fao Mat_Evans

Supernovaheights. LL text me today to confirm hes playing

whats_the_score_like Posted on 5/7 23:06
re: fao Mat_Evans


Link: Smithers

Reverend_Comfort Posted on 5/7 23:29
re: fao Mat_Evans

tw4ts you could pick a crap player to make it more even

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 7:04
re: fao Mat_Evans


A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 9:18
re: fao Mat_Evans


Reverend_Comfort Posted on 6/7 9:20
re: fao Mat_Evans

transfer window closes at 12pm

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 9:22
re: fao Mat_Evans

just for Mat or for anyone?

whats_the_score_like Posted on 6/7 9:23
re: fao Mat_Evans

I have just text him...he usually replies quickly so stick your 12pm up your aaaaaa

whats_the_score_like Posted on 6/7 11:22
re: fao Mat_Evans

He has a game on sunday...but is happy to play half a game.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:24
re: fao Mat_Evans

done deal. Mat_Evans makes up the yellows squad

whats_the_score_like Posted on 6/7 11:27
re: fao Mat_Evans

No dodgy Keith Lamb fax machines here, the deadline was smashed by 38 mins.

Mat_Evans Posted on 6/7 11:30
re: fao Mat_Evans

haha, sorry lads. Yeah i'll play half a game. Whats the crack with this seems like there's been a good bit of organising!!

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:34
re: fao Mat_Evans

Mat we played a match at Conyers that i organised on here a year or so ago. This is the rematch

Be there for 1, kick off at 1:30. The pitch is similar to the ones at goals

Mat_Evans Posted on 6/7 11:38
re: fao Mat_Evans

ahh so it's not grass? Cue the Wimbledon plough lane, hoofs and massive bounce tactics!!

whats_the_score_like Posted on 6/7 11:41
re: fao Mat_Evans

The pitch is similar to the one at goals, apart from it is full size, it burns like fook if you fall over and the ball runs too fast and bounces too high...but it is green so it is similar, albeit a lighter shade of green.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:42
re: fao Mat_Evans

its quite nice to play on tho....

whats_the_score_like - do you have a decent ball?

whats_the_score_like Posted on 6/7 11:44
re: fao Mat_Evans

I am sure I can arrange something, apl will have the final say however.

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A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:44
re: fao Mat_Evans

Blinding. It wont matter anyway, we could use a tennis ball and still beat this lot