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Guis_Boro Posted on 6/7 10:15
Web hosting

I currently have my web hosting with and am in need of a bit more disk space and thought I'd take the opportunity to have a look elsewhere, in case I can get something better.

As well as the website I'm currently running on 123reg, I'm planning on also running a photoblog using pixelpost, and the requirements for pixelpost for the server are:

Apache Webserver or Windows IIS
PHP, version 4.3.0 or higher
PHP with GD-lib 2 (packaged with jpg-support), required for thumbnailing
MySQL version 3.24.58 or higher

Can anybody recommend a good web hosting company to me?

Boro_inleeds Posted on 6/7 10:56
re: Web hosting

What do you think of 123reg Guisboro ?

Have they been ok ? I am considering them or 1and1 or UK2 at the moment so any comments you have on them would be useful.

The_DiasBoro Posted on 6/7 14:44
re: Web hosting

This lot have been around longer than most...

Link: global gold

trodbitch Posted on 6/7 14:45
re: Web hosting

What sort of traffic are you expecting? 1Gb per month? 20Gb?? 50???