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A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 10:53
Footballer or Musician

if you could choose, what would you be?

I know footballs an obvious choice with money, but id imagine being in the music industry must be pretty damn good. Record deals, recording albums but the best would be playing gigs. Abit like a match, theres certain massiev things to aim for, a cup final = headlining glastonbury etc

Obviously both cushty as fook, but what would you choose?

London_Boro Posted on 6/7 10:55
re: Footballer or Musician

if you're in it for the money, then Footballer easily!

To make money as a musician you have to be fooking good! To make money as a footballer, you can be mediocre and still get a good wage playing in the championship etc. A couple of grand a week is a hell of a lot more than some signed musicians/bands earn!

Tom_Fun Posted on 6/7 10:56
re: Footballer or Musician

Footballer. I had this discussion a while ago with my mates. Only 2 of us said footballer.

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red_rebel2 Posted on 6/7 10:57
re: Footballer or Musician

There are plenty of mediocre musicians making stupid money.

The very best musicians, classicly trained orchestral cellists or whatever don't neccessarily make big dosh.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 10:57
re: Footballer or Musician

i realised that, i mean more in the sense of the job in general. Playing gigs, having people sing to all your songs etc, must be an awesome feeling. Alot of players dont even get recognition

Oviously theres big differences, like lad next to me just said, Doherty or Beckham? but then on the other side of it, Oasis etc or Brad Jones?

Tom_Fun Posted on 6/7 10:59
re: Footballer or Musician

To be in Pete Doherty's positon would be fantastic, if you could stop yourself from chasing the dragon.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:06
re: Footballer or Musician

but if you were in odhertys shoes, you would be addicted and HAVE to chase the dragon

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:16
re: Footballer or Musician

Better feeling....

Scoring a goal infront of your own fans?

Having a 70k stadium of fans (Muse) singing everyone of your songs and cheering everything you do?

BoroG_85 Posted on 6/7 11:18
re: Footballer or Musician

it would have to be the drugs sex and rock and roll life style for me... without the drugs change that to drink.. and more sex

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:25
re: Footballer or Musician

picky barstad

DrBuck Posted on 6/7 11:28
re: Footballer or Musician

I think to succeed at either ti's all down to luck and/or contacts, plus being in the right place at the right time.

We've all known lads who were brilliant footballers, but didn't come to anything.

jonny_giles Posted on 6/7 11:31
re: Footballer or Musician

Footy player by miles.
Musics crap.

BoroG_85 Posted on 6/7 11:32
re: Footballer or Musician

i think the lifestyle of a musician is much more attractive no early nights, after show parties, no early mornings, more girls interested in music.. for me its an easy choice.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:40
re: Footballer or Musician

and musicians can generally have a better private life without so many people wanting to jump all over them when shopping at tescos

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:51
re: Footballer or Musician

Would you rather be a league 2 player or a guitarist in a band who play gigs at places like the town hall etc. Decent but not good enough for big arena tours

DrBuck Posted on 6/7 11:55
re: Footballer or Musician

From a fans point of view, I'd rather see a band in a little club than in a vast hall or arena. I know a few musicians who feel the same, but if we're talking money and not job satisfaction, the bigger venues are where it's at (obviously).

Tom_Fun Posted on 6/7 11:55
re: Footballer or Musician

Still a footballer I reckon.

BoroG_85 Posted on 6/7 11:57
re: Footballer or Musician

league 2 player if it came down to that cause then you might get FA cup matches against Man Utd.

TeeSv Posted on 6/7 12:15
re: Footballer or Musician

If your successful at one of the roles, you can have the opportunity to have a go at the other. Footie players embrassingly thinking they're pop stars (Gazza and Waddle). Few 'musicians' like Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, David Essex, fella from Take That etc have been decent footie players and do get to play on the big stage with pro's

dorivas_a_great Posted on 6/7 12:17
re: Footballer or Musician

id rather be a league 2 player than be playing at glastonbury

Cecil_J_McTumshie Posted on 6/7 12:25
re: Footballer or Musician

I'd be both-a kind of modern day Kevin Keegan

Tom_Fun Posted on 6/7 12:27
re: Footballer or Musician

Or Paul McGregor, who wasn't any good at either.

Ultra_Magnus Posted on 6/7 12:37
re: Footballer or Musician

Tough decision. I'd love to be a prolific striker, banging in goals for the Boro and England left, right and centre!

However, the rock and roll lifestyle is much more appealing I reckon.

You're expected to get wreck all the time and sleep with loads of women. Try doing that as a footy player and your all over the tabloids.

jono_feds Posted on 6/7 13:23
re: Footballer or Musician

Musician. I'm a miles better musician than footballer as well which helps!

ferencpuskas Posted on 6/7 13:32
re: Footballer or Musician

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll.