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A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:05
Best live goal

i know its been done before, but lets bring back some memories. Whats the best goal scored when you have been there to see it?

Personally, cant look much further than Gerrard at Liverpool away a few years ago. 30 yards out half volley top corner, bend and swerve. Awesome goal

slipshod Posted on 6/7 11:08
re: Best live goal

Jamie Pollock away at Leicester, it must have been good i even encroached onto the pitch.......

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:09
re: Best live goal

oh and Boksic away at Leicester when we won 3-0. boooootiful chip

Borobarmy Posted on 6/7 11:11
re: Best live goal

John Hendrie when he ran the entire length of the pitch against Millwall

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Towell Posted on 6/7 11:12
re: Best live goal

Juninho Vs Chelsea.

bandito Posted on 6/7 11:13
re: Best live goal

Rivaldo at the Nou Camp - last minute, edge of the box, ball onto his chest and BANG, overhead kick into the bottom corner. Cue-pitch invasion

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:14
re: Best live goal

bandi, was that the one against valencia. 89th minute winner and sent them into the champions league?

Boateng_7 Posted on 6/7 11:14
re: Best live goal

Joseph Job V Lisbon and also Gerrard's against us.

Borobarmy Posted on 6/7 11:15
re: Best live goal

Heres the goal v Millwall by Hendrie

Link: Hendrie

LTS_3 Posted on 6/7 11:15
re: Best live goal

Boksic at Leicester

Job's dracula at home v Sporting even though it was pointless

Banik's goal in Ostrava - was smashed but remember it being a blinder

JFH at Man City. Brutal.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:26
re: Best live goal

Vote from fellow office man

Berbatovs this season against us

Tom_Fun Posted on 6/7 11:27
re: Best live goal

Kanu's in the 6-1 drubbing.

bandito Posted on 6/7 11:28
re: Best live goal

A New Era - it certainly was!

legend_george Posted on 6/7 11:47
re: Best live goal

I second the 'fellow office man' with Berbatovs goal.

It looked fantastic from the north stand, but it wasnt until it was on the tv later and I saw how far out he was and how well he took it that I realised just how good it was

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:50
re: Best live goal

bandi - how come you were there?!?!

Did that match finish 3-2? i vaguely remember watching it but obviously that goal just took away everything from the match as it was so good

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 11:57
re: Best live goal

Rooneys against us in the fap cup was awesome too

bandito Posted on 6/7 12:07
re: Best live goal

new Era: I was on a mates stag doo.

cambridge_smoggie Posted on 6/7 12:12
re: Best live goal

Franck Quedrue against Arsenal when we got beat 5-3, it was just the audacity to try it and catch Lehman out, and make him look stupid. Another one of my favourites was Emerson against Sunderland from the corner when he hit in the top corner.

ElvisRamone Posted on 6/7 12:16
re: Best live goal

Heine Otto's free kick (think it was against Brighton). If Beckham had scored it they'd still be on about it today.

Stav77 Posted on 6/7 13:19
re: Best live goal

Have to say that the best live goal I have seen was last season in the FA Cup, Barnet v Plymouth, Scott Sinclair on loan from Chelsea with an 80 yard run and great finish from the angle. Amazing Goal!

For Boro I would say John Hendrie versus Millwall or Job's against Lisbon.

ovy1 Posted on 6/7 13:26
re: Best live goal

Emerson, stadium of light, thunderbolt!

dogs_danglies Posted on 6/7 13:35
re: Best live goal

collins john against boro at the riverside.
very much like van bastens famous goal.