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A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 14:04
This Tevez thing

is good. First Mascherano, then Tevez. West Hams 2 really good players, gone. But curbishley bringing in the likes of Quashie, great work. All the good players dont want to go there anymore

its great. hope they suffer like hell this year

Angry_man Posted on 6/7 14:11
re: This Tevez thing

lets be honest though. it was obvious that the 2 argies were only gonna stay at west ham for a year and use it as a stepping stone.

I just thought it would have been chelski that they would have ended up at.

A_New_Era Posted on 6/7 14:19
re: This Tevez thing

well done to Pardew for noticing Mascheranos ability tho