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A_New_Era Posted on 7/7 20:29
Live Earth

i aint been watching it fully all day, but now turned it on permanent. Today so far ive heard B.E.P saying motha fucccckkker, Chris Rock say n i double g e r and many others swear like crazy

Beastie boys are great!

borobadge Posted on 7/7 20:32
re: Live Earth

nice middle class grey haired million silver spoon aires boys ...

you mean !....

A_New_Era Posted on 7/7 20:40
re: Live Earth

that too ...

The_GOAT Posted on 7/7 20:44
re: Live Earth

They're too raw for the crowd to appreciate.

borolad259 Posted on 7/7 20:48
re: Live Earth

This is such a load of cock.

The_GOAT Posted on 7/7 20:50
re: Live Earth

Nicole Scherinzerwereerere sounds like Michael Jackson when she talks.

Gillandi Posted on 7/7 20:55
re: Live Earth

Is it just me or are they using a whacking great load of electricity today?

The_GOAT Posted on 7/7 20:55
re: Live Earth

I was thinking the same thing. It's like having a massive banquet to promote Live 8.

A_New_Era Posted on 8/7 11:28
re: Live Earth

A fair few complaints for the bbc today

Senor_Chester Posted on 8/7 11:34
re: Live Earth

"Is it just me or are they using a whacking great load of electricity today?"

Don't let facts get in the way of massaging the bulging ego's of the acts on the show and all the good they are perceived to be doing.

broady91 Posted on 8/7 14:19
re: Live Earth

They used renewable energy sources

Pigbummer Posted on 8/7 14:27
re: Live Earth

Balls did they!
What renewable energy did the use instead of aviation fuel?

What a load of cock. Live Earth = Load of arse.

phillthyboots Posted on 8/7 14:28
re: Live Earth

Foo Fighters were ok.But found Madonna's backing singers, 12 year old girls in black knee length socks, a little bit of an exploitation.She should know better having a daughter of her own.