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A_New_Era Posted on 8/7 11:26

wow. Ive never really found coloured women attractive, but she bucks the trend. Shes outrageously beautiful

neilteesside Posted on 8/7 11:27
re: Rihanna

just like thora hurd

mollteaser Posted on 8/7 11:28
re: Rihanna

and extremely talented, i could listen to her all day

move over Beyonce! lol

A_New_Era Posted on 8/7 11:29
re: Rihanna

i actually like her music too, listened to her album a couple of times and its certainly better than some of the overhyped indie stuff atm

mollteaser Posted on 8/7 11:30
re: Rihanna

yeh she is brill, she been around for a few yrs but i think jay-z helped alot with the promoting of the album by doin' his thang!

boroborn Posted on 8/7 11:32
re: Rihanna

She's hot but my god her music is awfull, how anyone can like that simple, repetitive, pop garbage is beyond me.

That umbrella song is a pile of stinking dog shyte.

The_DiasBoro Posted on 8/7 11:48
re: Rihanna

"coloured women "?
You should change your name to A_Bygone_Era.

Mattyk50 Posted on 8/7 12:01
re: Rihanna


ElvisRamone Posted on 8/7 12:04
re: Rihanna

Alicia Keys
Aaliyah was gorgeous, poor lass.
Kelly Rowland


smigga Posted on 8/7 12:47
re: Rihanna

That bloody cat suit she had on at Live earth last night! Christ I had a sweat on looking at that as Mrs Smigga's eyes were burning through me as I blatantly sat with my tongue hanging out slavering over her! Tasty, tasty, very very tasty, she's very tasty!

A_New_Era Posted on 8/7 13:43
re: Rihanna

i might add the lead singer of pussycat dolls to my list, she looked mighty fine last night too

A_New_Era Posted on 8/7 15:02
re: Rihanna


Link: wouldnt you just

CesurYurek Posted on 8/7 15:31
re: Rihanna

Coloured is a no-no term. Use Black.

tony_mongtana Posted on 8/7 16:14
re: Rihanna

"wow. Ive never really found coloured women attractive, but she bucks the trend. Shes outrageously beautiful"

Did you steal Bernard Manning's soul?