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Spoff_MFC Posted on 9/7 10:23
Animal Rights

No one cars about the African farmers who lose a years load of sugar beat when an Elephany tramples through it. Yet her can't punish the animal.

We've evolved, they should too.

Same goes for all others animals. Has to be humane, but kill the sods.

If they want equal rights they should evolve like we have.

Tom_Fun Posted on 9/7 10:25
re: Animal Rights

Well some of them have passports these days, so I suppose they're getting there.

Hammer_Smashed_Face Posted on 9/7 10:31
re: Animal Rights

Do you think elephants have a say in the rate of their species' evolution?

zaphod Posted on 9/7 10:38
re: Animal Rights

African farmers don't grow sugar beet. They grow sugar cane and it mostly recovers from trampling.

The_Commisar Posted on 9/7 10:40
re: Animal Rights

The elephant was driving a JCB, the sugar canes a right off mate.....

Spoff_MFC Posted on 9/7 11:23
re: Animal Rights

Cane/beet. it's a week since I saw the programme and they implied the crop was ruind.

If not I apologise to the elephans, the farmers should be taken out.

TheYak87 Posted on 9/7 11:26
re: Animal Rights

maybe you should be taken out?

zaphod Posted on 9/7 11:28
re: Animal Rights

I think elephants prefer maize. I certainly do. Sugar cane is really tough and woody.

UndercoverElephant Posted on 9/7 11:29
re: Animal Rights

To be fair, we like both.

HarryBasset Posted on 9/7 11:32
re: Animal Rights

Is an Elephany an evolved form of elephant?