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A_New_Era Posted on 9/7 19:33
Ipod/Itunes help

im wondering if you clever folk can help me

On my video ipod im wanting to put a couple of episodes of a tv show. When i try and add the video to the library on itunes, nothing happens. Any reason?

The only videos ive managed to get on are ones ive downloaded off my phone and the odd video file but alot of them nothing happenes when i try and add them. Theres got to be some way as TV SHOWS is an option on it! Anyone help me as to how to get them on there?

Lockey_boro Posted on 9/7 19:44
re: Ipod/Itunes help

Might not be completely correct here but, im sure you have to convert the files to mp4 format.

phill6 Posted on 9/7 19:50
re: Ipod/Itunes help

what happened with the psp?

A_New_Era Posted on 9/7 19:53
re: Ipod/Itunes help

lockey - any idea how to do that?

phil - sold it. Sorry mate but couldnt wait two weeks, needed money for me hols on friday

MrBridger Posted on 9/7 20:06
re: Ipod/Itunes help

iPods view H.264 and Mp4 files. Most likely scenario is that your TV Episodes are in DivX or .MOV format.
Do they open in Quicktime? If so then if you have pro you can choose to export the file to H.264 by selecting export to iPod. ONce this is done it will drag into iTunes.
Once in there they should go to your iPod without any issues.

P.S. If you need Quicktime Pro then you'll need to get a serial. Just google it or search for SerialBox.
And if the file is in .wmv and doesn't play in Quicktime (if you are using a Mac that is) download Flip4Mac to install a.wmv plug in.

Link: Flip4Mac

A_New_Era Posted on 9/7 21:12
re: Ipod/Itunes help

the files open in most programs. Currently when i go to open them they open in vlc. When looking on properties of the file it says the Audio is MPEG Layer-3 and the video compression is DivX Codec

So how from there do i go about getting it on my ipod?

MrBridger Posted on 9/7 21:21
re: Ipod/Itunes help

OK so you need to get Flip4Mac installed into quicktime first.
Follow think link above and download the free version. I think it's called lite or somethign like that.

With that installed get Quicktime Pro... follow instructions above for codes.

Then in Quicktime open the movie you want to convert. Choose File>Export and then select iPod/iTunes in the settings

It's "movie to iPod"

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MrBridger Posted on 9/7 21:27
re: Ipod/Itunes help

It's DivX for mac you need.
(Flip4Mac is still worth having as well)

Link: DivX for mac

A_New_Era Posted on 9/7 22:06
re: Ipod/Itunes help


i went to download both those files, and once saved i tried to open the file and it said it couldnt be found, and when i clicked the link to find it via a websitre windows live didnt know stupid computer

Lockey_boro Posted on 9/7 22:53
re: Ipod/Itunes help

Esky - what format are the files your wishing to convert?

Lockey_boro Posted on 9/7 23:22
re: Ipod/Itunes help

Heres is a walk through guide to convert .avi files to the ipod files.

Link: Walkthrough