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A_New_Era Posted on 10/7 11:30
FM2007 thread

out of sheer boredome, i thought id start one that will no doubt die within seconds

How are you doing on it atm? Whats your team?

Atm im Middlesbrough, just started my third season. Won FA Cup (beating Everton 5-4 on pens) in season 06/07, won Uefa Cup 07/08 (beating Fenerbache 2-0, Tuncay scoring both ) and just won the Super Cup beating 10 man Man Utd 2-1 AET. Also got the England job after McClaren was sacked for "a shambolic performance" in the Euros

Boateng_7 Posted on 10/7 11:31
re: FM2007 thread

captain5 Posted on 10/7 11:36
re: FM2007 thread


Won Euro Cup and finished second in league in second season.

Now into third season and 6th and through to knockout stages of Champions League. I won the Super Cup at the start of the season.

First team is, Ustari, Van De Borre, Huth, Digard, Bale, Skjelbred, Zokora, Nolan, Downing, Yakubu, Higuain.

Also have in squad: Schwarzer, McMahon, Arca, Jones from Crewe, Szetela, Eddie Johnson, Merida, Acuna, plus a few of the youths coming through.

A_New_Era Posted on 10/7 11:36
re: FM2007 thread

oh and liverpool are absoultely gash, finishing 11th and 13th

Tom_Fun Posted on 10/7 11:37
re: FM2007 thread

I stopped playing 3 months ago after 15 seasons with Boro, and I finally got my life back.

Angry_man Posted on 10/7 11:38
re: FM2007 thread


Buy Owen from Newcastle.

It doesnt state on the game that he has a 9M get out clause but I always bid 9M and its always accepted

22 goals in 18 appearances, 7 off the bench.

Not bad at all

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A_New_Era Posted on 10/7 11:38
re: FM2007 thread

15 seasons

jeff_potato Posted on 10/7 11:40
re: FM2007 thread

Season One: Jason Euell, top scorer (I kid you not. 16 goals) propels Middlesbrough to Premier division title on goal difference.

Season Two: League and FA Cup winners, Champions League quarter finalists and finished fourth in the league.

Season Three: Champions League and Premier division winners, FA Cup finalists. Lasse Qvist finishes top scorer with 20+ goals.

Couple of matches into season four now, I've bought Kerzakhov, Nani, Valera, Vela and Maxi Lopez to increase my goals scored statistics.

Unfortunately my only fit defenders are Woodgate, Taylor and Vanden Bore, every bugger else is out injured even though I reduced the intensity of the training and hired another physio.

A_New_Era Posted on 10/7 11:44
re: FM2007 thread

Foster (2.5mill)

Richards (7mill)..Huth..Woodgate..Peuerta (7mill)

Nani (5.5mill)..Rochemback..Cassano (7mill)


Mancini (14mill).....Tuncay

Squad players include Walcott, Aggixtre, Cattermole, Taylor. Had Darren Bent for 9 mill then he wanted out after a season to go to a bigger club he went to Everton for 14 mill!

Spoff_MFC Posted on 10/7 11:44
re: FM2007 thread

This game is the 1st of the CM/FM series I have just not got on with.

I don't have much time to play it these days though. Training and team talks are a step to far for me.

I liked the feeder clubs though.

jonnyhaley Posted on 10/7 11:46
re: FM2007 thread

i'm currently liverpool just starting my second season, got bored of being m'boro all the time
My first signing as manager was yakubu for 7.5 mil plus another 4 mil depending on appearences, he formed a formidable partnership with peter crouch who by the way is an unbelievable striker on the game
I finished 5th in the league, winning the uefa cup 3-2 against livorno after i was knocked out of the group stages of the champions league
Overall my first season was fairly average an i felt i could have done alot better given the team i had
My signings over the summer of my second season were, anderson from porto for 15 mil again based on appearences, fernando torres for 10 mil with 27 mil after 50 games, anthong vanden borre, vincent kompany, jonathan woodgate and denilson from arsenal
i think this team will certainly propel me back into the champions league afetr a dissapoiting finish of 5th in my first season

current team is as follows

borre, kompany, agger, riise
pennant, gerrard, alonso, gonzalez
yakubu and torres

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Boro_Owl Posted on 10/7 11:46
re: FM2007 thread

I could never get into this game, it wasnt fast paced enough for me. Too much effort I wasnt willing to put in.

Its weird seeing teams that I've never heard of like all your lots

A_New_Era Posted on 10/7 11:49
re: FM2007 thread

"fernando torres for 10 mil with 27 mil after 50 games"

got abit of money have ya!

Mattyk50 Posted on 10/7 11:50
re: FM2007 thread

just finished 2nd in my first season with boro:




giles barnes..owen garvan....downing

.....danny haynes...yakubu

Only spent 6 million, and sold 14 million worth of players

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SteR Posted on 10/7 11:50
re: FM2007 thread

I'm Boro in 2014. Finally won the Premiership last year on goal difference, beating Arsenal.

Previously won the League cup twice, FA Cup once, UEFA Cup once, twice lost in Champions League Final.

Led Denmark to the 2014 World Cup, beating England in the Final, and have now taken the England Job.

Team - Huth, Downing and McMahon all in the 1st team.
3 youth team graduates are now regular England Internationals GK, DR and DC (even before I took the England job). Downing is Englands best midfielder by far, and England probably would of won the World Cup apart from the fact that him and Rooney were injured, and the Denmark Manager was me!

Best signing - Vedran Corluka is one of the best defenders in the game, I got him for 1.5M in 2007 and he has never let me down.

4-4-2 Couter-attack rules!

BoroG_85 Posted on 10/7 11:51
re: FM2007 thread

my team at the mo is

Craig Gordon



and Kevin Doyle

no_9_massimo Posted on 10/7 11:55
re: FM2007 thread

where is everyone getting there money from on this game?....sounds like a bit of the add new manager at chelsea and buy tony ncmahon for 10 mill.

first two years i was broke, van den borre +adu only sigings. only now after getting a jap and us feeder club does the money roll..and i buy bojinov for 51 million

A_New_Era Posted on 10/7 11:56
re: FM2007 thread

ive made fook all money on mine.

Shorey sold for 1.5million (a loss of 2mill)
Bent 13.4 million (profit of 4.4mill)
Arca 2.4 million
Pogatetz 2.2 million
Boateng 3.4
Ben Watson 1 million (profit of 1mill)

rest of my money comes from end of season crap, money for advancing in cups etc

Barca and Milan are after Woodgate but wont pay 20mill

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boroboy_uk Posted on 10/7 12:00
re: FM2007 thread

season 1- finished 4th in premiership- runners up in league cup- semi finalists in f.a. cup

season 2- 2nd place in premiership with 7 games to go 11 points behind man utd- f.a cup semi finalists V man utd- champions leauge quarter finalists V chelsea (1-2 1st leg to chelski)

Current team


Parnaby Woody Pog Arca

Barton Adu

Tuncay Downing

Yak johnson


And micah richards has already agreed to sign in the summer in a 4.2 million deal along with aaron lennon in a 2 milion deal.

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kermit_the_smog Posted on 10/7 12:13
re: FM2007 thread

Currently as Barca,

Won league in first season and world club cup thing, second season underway and I think i'm top in about November, havent played it for about a week.

Have bought David Villa, Vincent Kompany, Craig Gordon, Christian Poulsen and Leighton Baines

For my youth team I bought

Gareth Bale, Okaka, Sherman Cardenas, Nicolas Millan.

Surprisingly Iniesta is keeping Xavi and Poulsen out of the team at the moment as he's playing alongside Deco in centre mid and doing really well.

Does buying some Japs etc give you better income? I've heard doing tours in Japan brings in more money but i've not done that since the older FMs as it never seemed to work for me.

Current team





Squad players include; Gordon, Kompany, Thuram, Xavi, Poulsen, Guily, Saviola, Gudjohnsen, Gio Van Bronkhurst,

Juventus3 Posted on 10/7 12:24
re: FM2007 thread

Just about to start the second season with a Chelsea team I took over to experiment with. Petr Cech is now the only Englishman in the first team, reserves, and under 18s. My squad has an average age of 22. Last season I won the league, but lost both the domestic cups on penalties in the finals, and got knocked out of the Champions League Semis by Real Madrid.

Richards (9M) Terry Taylor(8M) Cole
Lennon (14M) Hargreaves (18M) Lampard Downing (12M)
Rooney (swap for Sheva and Ballack) Defoe (6.5M)

Also bought Walker and Cattermole. Walker is incredible. Abramovich got pissed off with my buying no mark English players so went off on his tod and bought Malouda for 18M. I already had that lined up for Hargreaves so sold Malouda on after one day for 16M. Which was interesting, if inconvenient.

PS despite me buying around 30 English players and one foreigner (Malouda), and selling all my foreign players bar one (Cech), I still have a domestic player bias of 10. Which annoys me.

Oh, and the last England squad had 14 of my players in! Buzzin'

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Guisboro Posted on 10/7 12:45
re: FM2007 thread

What tactics do you employ ?

kermit_the_smog Posted on 10/7 12:59
re: FM2007 thread

If i'm not Boro and try buy Downing I find I can never get him for anything cheaper than 18m!

Juventus3 Posted on 10/7 13:03
re: FM2007 thread

I tend to go for standard 4-4-2, everyone set to their default position instructions, with a defensive midfielder and an attacking midfielder (with free role unchecked) in the centre, wingers (the wingers having arrows right to the top), and two strikers. I play all out attack every match but with a deep defence and Cole and Richards set more defensive than they should be, so I'm not caught out on the counter attack too much (and them being really pacey helps). Quick tempo, short passing, really wide. Rarely close down and never time waste. Use playmaker. And then setting the corner settings. Score shitloads from them with Downing taking them and Taylor and Terry bombing into the box.

ell1051 Posted on 10/7 13:38
re: FM2007 thread

well im in my third season with boro and ricard and to madeira have fired me to champions league glory. Champo 01/02 obviously, the greatest ever management game.

BoroG_85 Posted on 10/7 13:55
re: FM2007 thread

i sold downing for 17 mil withou choice gibbo accepted the bid

captain5 Posted on 10/7 13:57
re: FM2007 thread

On of the first things I did was get rid of the majority of the coaches.

Their ratings are pretty crap.

ayresome_angel Posted on 10/7 14:16
re: FM2007 thread











dogs_danglies Posted on 10/7 14:50
re: FM2007 thread

im west ham, i have to admit that if u sell tevez and mascherano like i did u have a big big pot of money.
got 38m end of season 1 for tevez and 20m for mascherano.
current team top of prem third season

Wright phillips...Reo Coker............De jong............Downing

Spoff_MFC Posted on 10/7 14:55
re: FM2007 thread

ell1051 Posted on 10/7 13:38 Email this Message | Edit | Reply
re: FM2007 thread

well im in my third season with boro and ricard and to madeira have fired me to champions league glory. Champo 01/02 obviously, the greatest ever management game.

Is CM 01/02 available for free download (legally) yet?

kermit_the_smog Posted on 10/7 14:56
re: FM2007 thread

Leighton Baines for me is a must buy.

He's always quality at left back and as I play attacking full backs he's often getting assists.

Best left back on the game for me and I buy him whatever club I am.

BradDan87 Posted on 10/7 15:23
re: FM2007 thread

Ustari Marcelo Woodgate Huth Ratinho Gago Downing Lima Rochemback Higuain Van Persie 1st season Champions League won Coca Cola Cup!Bought higuain only
2nd Season- Won league came runners up to Barca on penalties in the final bought Lima Marcelo Woodgate and Ratinho
3rd Season- Won everything bought Van Persie in sold Yakubu to Chelski 13mil Gago at the end of the yr wit Bendter not bad 4 a Boro side but had 2 reformat computer so lost the entire game was gutted got me through my first year of uni!:(

missimo Posted on 10/7 15:33
re: FM2007 thread

I got sick of buying the same players all the time, I got to 2020 with Boro and got bored so now I'm Arka Prokom Gdynia of Poland in 2013 and have just got to the finals of the Euro cup.

BoroG_85 Posted on 10/7 15:45
re: FM2007 thread

god missimo you have too much time on your hands i completed my first season with boro came 12th and got to final of league cup against chelsea but got knocked out!

Towell Posted on 10/7 16:25
re: FM2007 thread

Was Zaragoza
Signed Ratinho and Marcelo they are both unreal.

Sold Aimar coz i didn't know ho best to play him.

Got a young team but they won't get class for a few more seasons and i can't be arsed.

BoroLewis Posted on 10/7 17:28
re: FM2007 thread

Im Harrogate at the moment I won the Conference North getting 99 points in total walked the league, lost on pens in the FA Trophy final bit gutted about that about to start me new season in conference already signed Brain Close and Kevin Burgess beat that its a challenge down there neway no money crap players good fun though.

BoroG_85 Posted on 11/7 10:00
re: FM2007 thread

well i completed my first season with boro and i need help i lost in the final against chelsea in the league cup 2-1... i then had a struggle and finished 3 points above the drop zone due to a win against liverpool on the last day of the season...

now 3 games in i have lost 2 and won 1
got beat 4-0 against portsmouth
won 4-2 against aston villa
and got beat 5-1 against newcastle after getting two players sent off..

i neeed help! its doing my head in losing

my team at the mo is

Craig Gordon

Glen Johnson
Gareth Bale

Killy Gonzalez
Ze Roberto

Yakubu/ Marlon King
Kevin Doyle (my top scorer scored 25 goals last season)

so any help would be great for my next season

A_New_Era Posted on 11/7 10:02
re: FM2007 thread

you sold Downing? there lies your problem pal

BoroG_85 Posted on 11/7 10:19
re: FM2007 thread

i didnt want to sell him gibbo sold him for 17.5 mil im screwed now even tho ze-roberto is playing well and i got him for free. and johnson sometimes plays well.. any more advice??

A_New_Era Posted on 11/7 10:45
re: FM2007 thread

what style, tempo etc do you play?

Is morrison in the centre ?!?!

missimo Posted on 11/7 10:51
re: FM2007 thread

Should've seen the look on my girlfriends face when we went 2-1 up in the UEFA cup final last night with 10 minutes to go. I was celebrating like Temuri Ketsbaia, kicking the bed and everything.

My rubbish Polish team beat Marseille, Monaco, A.C. Milan (3-0 on aggregate in the semi-final) and Atletico Madrid in the final.

Next stop, champions league.

Ste_1986 Posted on 11/7 11:25
re: FM2007 thread

in my 4th season with man city.

1st season: Came 5th with a good late run. Aliadierre Finishing top scorer with about 20.

2nd Season: Finished 10th in the league but was playing reserve side in the end saving my 1st team for both uefa cup and fa cup. Won uefa cup but lost in final of fa cup to man utd. Sturridge finished top scorer with about 22.

3rd season: finished 8th in league but again playing reserve side in th end. Won the league cup, uefa cup and fa cup. Nugent finished top scorer with 26.

My team in 4th season currently 2nd after 11 games:


Vanden Borre........Richards.......Pasanen...........Van Damme



2nd team:

........................David James.............................


Bentley...........Barton..........Ducasse........J.Garcia Granero


Then also got:

Gustavo Verla
Fabio Quagliarella
Mark Davies
Massimo Donati
Loads of younsters

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Juventus3 Posted on 11/7 11:30
re: FM2007 thread

Hang on, just noticed this:

"And micah richards has already agreed to sign in the summer in a 4.2 million deal along with aaron lennon in a 2 milion deal."


BoroG_85 Posted on 11/7 11:31
re: FM2007 thread

HAHAAHAHA should have seen my gfs face quality... i bet you changed your assistants name to her havent you..

at the moment i play 442 diamond

My midfield looks

(DM) Rocky

(RM)Morrison Ze Roberto/ Killy Gonzalez (LM)

(AM) Iversen (who is my best player apart from doyle)

missimo Posted on 11/7 11:36
re: FM2007 thread

She's my chief scout. I must've looked funny though, wearing only a towel.

There's your problem, Rochemback doesn't have the best attributes to play defensive midfield, Morrison is just generally rubbish, get rid. Bah, people say the game isn't realistic!

BoroG_85 Posted on 11/7 11:45
re: FM2007 thread

i have been trying to sign a right winger for two seasons much like the real boro i have resorted to play porrit on the right now and then which may i add he is class on the update... gibbo has give me 500k to spend any advice who i can sign for that.. i had milsovic(second top scorer in la liga) on his way but he didnt get a work permit :( same with veron as well all for free transfer how come they couldnt get a permit surely due to the time in prem league they should have been able to.. i might just got bk to fm2006 that was much easier imo.

missimo Posted on 11/7 11:48
re: FM2007 thread

Unlikely to get anyone good enough for 500k, flog some players and see who you can pick up.

Have a look at Pedro Leon, Spanish lad, not sure but it might be Malaga or something like that. He's good enough and costs about 3m if you get in there quick enough. If that fails, Chelsea never want Wright-Phillips, snap him up on loan.

boroboy_uk Posted on 11/7 11:54
re: FM2007 thread

outrageous juventus that isnt it ????

A_New_Era Posted on 11/7 11:59
re: FM2007 thread

BoroG_85 - thats why you are losing, your midfields too weak. You either havent got the central midfield to compete or you dont have the width to attack

BoroG_85 Posted on 11/7 12:37
re: FM2007 thread

yeah i agree any advice on who i can sign my defence is also very weak... i cant build on my team due to lack of funds... Doyle is wanting by portsmouth/villa and they have offered 12 mil but surely i should sell my best player. all i can do is sign freebes at the mo... i have fred heim holm on his way when his contract runs out but hes pants... i have never cheated on footy man but am tempted to take over chelsea and sign brad jones for 22 mil

missimo Posted on 11/7 12:57
re: FM2007 thread

You might get 3m for Morrison if you're a lucky lad.

Can you not flog Marlon King? What about Julio Arca?

dogs_danglies Posted on 11/7 13:42
re: FM2007 thread

whos this iverson character mentioned several times

Ste_1986 Posted on 11/7 13:44
re: FM2007 thread

stefan ???

dogs_danglies Posted on 11/7 13:44
re: FM2007 thread

lol i hope its not stefen

BoroG_85 Posted on 11/7 13:46
re: FM2007 thread

cant remember his first name will post it when i get home only cost 2 mil hes 29 mind but still good

barneyblair Posted on 11/7 14:32
re: FM2007 thread

im in 2021 i think won leageu 9 ot 10 times cane second a few times didnt do anyhting special first few seasons like 5th max
then eventually the young players come good
sold a 17yearold to man utd for 50million touted as next sol campbell (had no choice kiethlamb who is now chairman overrulled me)
had freddy adu form the first season aweseom awesome

missimo Posted on 11/7 14:35
re: FM2007 thread

Sell Downing, replace him with Guardado as first choice and Adu as back-up. After 2 seasons sell Guardado on for close to 20m and use Adu.

Easy this management lark.

I'm looking forward to getting home and attempting to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League. Man, I need my life back.

gooks_big_dong Posted on 11/7 16:40
re: FM2007 thread

I started with Boro, finished 17th first season (stayed up on goal season), 6th next season into uefa cup. Finished 14th season after but won uefa cup beating Barcelona 1-0. Finished 4th season later but got beat in uefa cup by Man Utd ! Just starting Champions League Campaign now.

I got took over by an Algerian Tycoon at the end of my third season and hes putting shed loads in to the club. Got around 50 mil to spend each summer ! Happy Days !

Current Team

GK - Jan Sebek (19 year old Czech Regen)

DR - Cicinho
DL - Pogatetz
DC - Woodgate
DC - Gonzalo

CM - Van Der Vaart
RM - Jesus Navas
LM - Downing

AM - Pablo Aimar

ST - Carlos Javier Acuna/Nery Castillo
ST - Henri Saivet/Renteria

Back Up - Ben Haim, Cardenas, Vanden Borre, Ryan Bertrand, Tiago, Da Mota, Pisculichi.

Also I'm currently messing about with editor and if anyone can think of decent game to start, like euro super league or something I'll give it whirl and see how it goes and then maybe online game can start if there any interested.
Ive got a database started by me for a european super league from prem to conference north/south but needs a little tweaking.

Any ideas !

Towell Posted on 11/7 16:42
re: FM2007 thread

Oscar Ustari is best keeper on game isn't he?

How do you play Aimar?

JimmytheHill Posted on 11/7 16:48
re: FM2007 thread

Ustari and Akinfeev are the two best I believe, but I'm sure every season there could "potentially" be better coming through the ranks at different clubs.

BoroG_85 Posted on 11/7 16:49
re: FM2007 thread

ustari is crap on the update

badbradderz Posted on 11/7 16:51
re: FM2007 thread

im just about to finish my second season and although im doin well i could do with a new keeper, how much does Ustari usually go for? i remember akinfeev goin to inter and bein valued at 15mil tho.

BoroG_85 Posted on 11/7 16:53
re: FM2007 thread

10-12mil to start the game... leo franco used to be a safe choice

gooks_big_dong Posted on 11/7 16:54
re: FM2007 thread

I play Aimar in a free role with creative freedom on full, he got player of the year last season and was european midfielder of the year. Only paid 9mil for him.

Spelunker Posted on 11/7 16:55
re: FM2007 thread

Of course the Iversen being referred to is Steffen, he is a legend on this game when you have little money to spend and need 25+ goals a season.

JimmytheHill Posted on 11/7 17:05
re: FM2007 thread

Young kids who have matured into "wonderkids" on my game with Boro.

Obviously, some need to be loaned to affiliate clubs to get work permits.

Cesar Lindado (Fw),
Bruno Mezenga (Str),
Omar Benzerga (Wb),
Andres Guardado (Wb/Wg),
Denilson (Mc),
Steve Ganfield (Fc),
Cetin Mustafa (Str),
Willian (Am/Fw),
Omar Andrade (Str),
Branamir Kostadinov (Str),
Steven Walker (Str),
Callum O'Shea (Wg),
Frederic Nimani (Wg),
Curtley Williams (Mc).

All found through appointing 3 worldclass scouts at the beginning of the game and looking for under 19s throughout the world.

Mat_Evans Posted on 11/7 17:09
re: FM2007 thread

Strange that, Morrison always does well for me. I always get big offers for him too, and he gets touted as the next beckham.

gooks_big_dong Posted on 11/7 17:14
re: FM2007 thread

I found Morrison to be disappointing too. Sold him to Portsmouth for 2million plus 40% sell on if they sell him on, which they did to Sunderland for 250k !! Barstewards

Mat_Evans Posted on 11/7 17:22
re: FM2007 thread

do you guys play him right wing ? and train him specifically for the wing?

whilst on that point, what training regimes does everyone use?

gooks_big_dong Posted on 11/7 17:28
re: FM2007 thread

He played approx. 35 games in first season for me, played most MR, with average rating of low sixes, and he also played AMR for some of season low averages. I got offered 2mill for him and it seemed good money considering first season.
I trained him MR to get that rating to natural but even good old Colin Cooper who i promoted to assistant said he had no future at the club.

I always used the default training regimes until this boro game where ive tried to make my own, which seem to be working.
If you make one you feel is relevant for a position and leave it for a week, the red arrows will generally show you were your regime needs tweaking.

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BoroG_85 Posted on 11/7 18:23
re: FM2007 thread

it is indeed steffan and hes amense

Foxy_16 Posted on 11/7 18:58
re: FM2007 thread

112 yers old, season 2091 mamaged Arsenal 14 times started of at Hibs spent over 12bil n dnt plan 2 stop it soon

barneyblair Posted on 11/7 21:37
re: FM2007 thread

morrison sold in thrid or forth season(think more third) for 7.5million to portsmouth, NICE
for back up keeper in second season i bought MANNONE from arsenal reserves was good backup and played well when called upon.
then bought a urugauy keeper cant remember his name to replace arnie

GibbosEmpire Posted on 11/7 21:39
re: FM2007 thread

Ive had enough of playing FM07 on normal now.

Im gona give Boro a Billion quid and just buy anyone I like.

Il still probably lose.

boroboy1122 Posted on 11/7 21:45
re: FM2007 thread

i decided to build a ded young team... its quality!!! i shall let u no...

Bale Huth scharner sum russian

Catts Jagielka

Nani Alex Kerlon


lots of juniors like... danny rose, especially NSUE!! wonderkid.. ferdinand lima nd loads of other youngesters... one quality playerr... sickening ino.... Steffan Iversen!!! stats are unbelievable!!

BoroG_85 Posted on 11/7 21:46
re: FM2007 thread

you will be glad to all know my team is geling after signing king and bale 4 straight wins 12th now

barneyblair Posted on 11/7 21:47
re: FM2007 thread

keep the faith in the boro youngsters man!! they will be quality if u get them on loan at right clubs, and tutor them with similiar senior players

gooks_big_dong Posted on 12/7 12:17
re: FM2007 thread

What Boro youngsters make it ? Ive only got Downing left from the 'Academy'. Im in 2011.

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BoroG_85 Posted on 12/7 12:20
re: FM2007 thread

Porrit is amazing on the update hes 17 and is a first team player for me! :)oo and cattermole is

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missimo Posted on 12/7 12:31
re: FM2007 thread

Franks has a potential ability which usually ends up around 150-160, that's just about premiership level.

PAC79 Posted on 12/7 13:20
re: FM2007 thread

Boro 10 seasons 9 league titles, 5 fA Cups, 4 League cups, 3 champion league titles 3 super cups 6 charity shields. Lost world cup final as spain to england 3-1 all four goal scorers played for boro. England team included 10 boro players.Euro champs with England.230 million in bank with same amount left for transfers. Havn't played it for months need another challenge.

missimo Posted on 12/7 13:32
re: FM2007 thread

Update: Got drawn in the same group as Chelsea, Dinamo Kiev and Benfica in the champions league, first game away to Dinamo Kiev, my little Polish team wiped the floor with them 6-0. Delightful.

dogs_danglies Posted on 12/7 13:36
re: FM2007 thread

started new game with boro, to honest im struggling.

Subs Nugent
b. jones