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rob_fmttm Posted on 11/7 12:08
Southgate - One Year On

New writer - Joe Bailey - his first piece for us. Please make him feel at home give it a read and give him some feedback. As I say it is his first fmttm article and it would be nice to give him an encouraging welcome.

I think it is an excellent article.

Link: How was it for you?

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 11/7 12:15
re: Southgate - One Year On

'A year on from Southgate's appointment and the real test begins now.'

Spot on.

sasboro Posted on 11/7 12:16
re: Southgate - One Year On

Like how he has failed to mention where the goals are going to come from. Especially if yakubu is sold. thats a lot of goals to come up with. I think the team will remind me of spurs a few years ago plenty of possession and forward play with but no one there to really finish them off and hold the line upfront. All these forwards like to play deep with the ball. Maybe we will become a team good on the break. Expectations will now be turned up a notch as its starting to be his own team and players. Big gamble changing the style so much with only 1 years experience. could make or break southgates managerial career

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Towell Posted on 11/7 12:17
re: Southgate - One Year On

Like totally dude

Mat_Evans Posted on 11/7 12:17
re: Southgate - One Year On

yep fair article, steady start for the chap.

MarlonD Posted on 11/7 12:18
re: Southgate - One Year On

sasboro - be careful, you nearly broke into a spontaneous bout of positivety there.

Easy you misery.

Boromart Posted on 11/7 12:19
re: Southgate - One Year On

Sas, I like the way you completely write off two strikers yet to kick a ball for us, and you assume our top scorer will be sold and no one will be brought in to replace him.

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Kilburn Posted on 11/7 12:24
re: Southgate - One Year On

I was going to write that based on that article he will need to get used to being accused of having too rosy an outlook, but sas has already got there.

daveyarge Posted on 11/7 12:42
re: Southgate - One Year On

Very, very nice read. Flows superbly. Think the writer would prefer feedback based on his writing rather than his views - after all thats what journalism is - an individual opinion.

Personally I dont think it is too positive anyway. He does say a number of times that Southgate had his hands tied last year and that 'the real test begins now'. Couldnt agree more. It is going to be a different approach next year and there are 2 ways to go about it, being positive or being negative. Both opinions are equally fair and acceptable but a Boro article should not be criticised for being positive anyway! At least he isnt slating the club!! I think there is far too much negativity around Teesside so this was a refreshing read. Just my thoughts anyway! enjoy your day guys.

glur Posted on 11/7 13:16
re: Southgate - One Year On

An excellent read.

Sidcupone Posted on 11/7 13:19
re: Southgate - One Year On

An excellent read. Agree with most of what he said.

missimo Posted on 11/7 13:22
re: Southgate - One Year On

Reasonably well written.

Does look favourably on Southgate and last season as a whole generally but that's probably to be expected.

Andy_Lad Posted on 11/7 13:32
re: Southgate - One Year On

Not bad at all. For me a big turning point though was the axing of Steve Round, seemed to be final link to Mac broken. Personally I'm sitting on the fence - I'm excited about the new season and I certainly think Gareth's intentions are good, it just depends if he can pull it off or not. Only time will tell.

onthemap Posted on 11/7 13:36
re: Southgate - One Year On

"The results were not what they could have been and the football at times was uninspiring but 2006-2007 must be considered a success"

Must it?

Perry_Combover Posted on 11/7 13:36
re: Southgate - One Year On

what will people be writing this time next year about southgate?

he's set a benchmark of 12th in the league in his first season. not bad going given the squad he inherited.

progess has to mean top 10 next season. something we've done very rarely in our history so its a tough test.

Nowaypedro Posted on 11/7 13:38
re: Southgate - One Year On

A well thought out and well written article. I also totally agree with his views. We have every reason to be optimistic this season.

Islandstone Posted on 12/7 14:13
re: Southgate - One Year On

Good read, thumbs up.

its_tuncay_time Posted on 12/7 15:20
re: Southgate - One Year On

'This is the season that Southgate must be judged and the Teesside faithful should get behind him as he has the ability to take this club forward. Boro fans wanted an honest manager who they could relate to. Boro fans wanted someone who is dedicated to exciting, attacking and committed football. Boro fans wanted change. This is Gareth Southgate.'

That is exactly why I will be getting my first season ticket as a Boro fan. Exceptional little snippet from the article and well done Joe Bailey for sucessful first article on FMTTM.

chubster74 Posted on 12/7 15:47
re: Southgate - One Year On

I thought it was well written, and well thought out article. I agree with the comment above about last season, although I am a little too optimistic sometimes for my own good!!!