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A_New_Era Posted on 13/7 11:08

Loadddds of cracking ones coming up between October-December! itll cheer us all up during our annual winter slump

OnlyPepperoni Posted on 13/7 11:11
re: Concerts/Gigs

What was so hilarious about that statement?

Questions_Questions Posted on 13/7 11:14
re: Concerts/Gigs

Name these gigs.

A_New_Era Posted on 13/7 11:15
re: Concerts/Gigs

whos laughing?

A_New_Era Posted on 13/7 11:24
re: Concerts/Gigs

Ian Brown
Maximo Park
Rufus Wainwright
White Stripes
Shed Seven (just for Relfy)
Biffy Clyro
Kings Of Leon

to name but a few. Abit of everything

Questions_Questions Posted on 13/7 11:27
re: Concerts/Gigs

I'm only going to Ian Brown.

A couple of them are at a festival i will be attending though.


Mattyk50 Posted on 13/7 11:28
re: Concerts/Gigs

shed seven

that was the first gig i ever went to, at boro town hall

A_New_Era Posted on 13/7 11:28
re: Concerts/Gigs

i tried to add that in without too many people judging me

OnlyPepperoni Posted on 13/7 11:32
re: Concerts/Gigs

Only 3 of those worth seeing.

Maximo Park, Editors and Kings of Leon. That'll be all.

boroboy_uk Posted on 13/7 11:59
re: Concerts/Gigs

stereophonics are on in november aswell and in october the enemy are on town hall

SophieBoro Posted on 13/7 12:15
re: Concerts/Gigs

At the moment mine are limited to

maximo park x 2
shed seven
white stripes
take that

Stav77 Posted on 13/7 12:17
re: Concerts/Gigs

I will be at the Maximo Park gig on the 15th Dec, can't fooking wait! Does anybody know who the 'extra special guest' is?

Cmon_Boro Posted on 13/7 12:23
re: Concerts/Gigs

Mon The Biffy \m/

ThePerfectOmlette Posted on 13/7 12:27
re: Concerts/Gigs

I have some friends and family coming down from Canada for the last 2 weeks in August, and im looking to tream em to a decent gig, out on then? i dont have a clue when it comes to bands btw,

fancy_a_beer07 Posted on 13/7 12:56
re: Concerts/Gigs

the subways are on at the empire in august
should be a good night :)

boro_by_heart_2k5 Posted on 13/7 13:04
re: Concerts/Gigs

The Twang and The Enemy down the Town Hall seems decent. Kaiser Cheifs supported by 'WE ARE SCIENTISTS and The little ones' seems good too. Maximo at Newcastle should be awesome, seen K.O.L at T in The Park on Sunday.

Seems like a good time for music like.

Keitel Posted on 13/7 14:20
re: Concerts/Gigs

The Bunnymen - August, Stockton Riverside Festival thing.

The House Of Love - September at Koko, London (playing their first album - on my 40th! Hoping it'll numb the pain a little!)

Richard Hawley - September, The Sage

Josh Rouse - December, The Sage

A_New_Era Posted on 13/7 14:25
re: Concerts/Gigs

id like to point out, im not gonig to see all them, just saying whos on!

out of them, gonig to see

White stripes
kasabian (next week)
ian brown

tickets for maximo park but cant go as we are at derby that day

Tom_Fun Posted on 13/7 14:27
re: Concerts/Gigs

Tramp Attack tonight at the Ku.

Questions_Questions Posted on 13/7 14:29
re: Concerts/Gigs


Ku bar has some decent looking cover bands coming up if people are interested in that sort of thing.