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wool_skull Posted on 18/7 1:33
We shouldn't complain

just cos weve had some 'dodgy' looking kits

Link: check 'em out

sad_man Posted on 18/7 3:41
re: We shouldn't complain

Here's the best one:

Link: Bar codes!

TuncaysMullet Posted on 18/7 11:01
re: We shouldn't complain

mos of those kits were actually pretty old

and how dare they put or white and blue away shirt among those disgraces!

jaffa127 Posted on 18/7 11:03
re: We shouldn't complain

the Colorado Caribou is a classic

Capybara Posted on 18/7 11:04
re: We shouldn't complain

One or two on there are actually quite good. The Queen's Park one is one of the very few kits I have ever contemplated buying.

SouthernSmogette Posted on 18/7 11:07
re: We shouldn't complain

But we should complain on account that the season ahead is looking fooking volatile. Couldn't give a shi* about the fooking aesthetics of the overpaid bunch of tosh we roll out and call a premiership side.