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Spoff_MFC Posted on 23/7 13:45
CM 01/02 Thread

The best Champ Man game in my opinion.

Unbelievable_Jeff Posted on 23/7 14:01
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Even better when you start in 2006/07 with all updated transfers.

micky_k86 Posted on 23/7 14:35
re: CM 01/02 Thread

How do you get those updates?

dicky200006 Posted on 23/7 14:38
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Funny this should come up i started playing a new game on Saturday night in me second season already its miles better than Football Manager.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 23/7 14:41
re: CM 01/02 Thread

I only played one CM and that was 04/05 I think.

Why is CM 01/02 so good,I always hear about it?

Anywhere you can download it on the net?

Spoff_MFC Posted on 23/7 14:44
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Not sure if it can be downloaded yet, I got a copy on ebay for less than 3 incl PandP

It is easy to play, but not easy to win - it has a lot of detail but not too much, and if you have a fairly new PC you can play with 10+ leagues.

There is a dedicated forum for it downloads etc. might be, something like that anyway.

misterpaul89 Posted on 23/7 14:46
re: CM 01/02 Thread

micky k
download here bud

dicky200006 Posted on 23/7 14:46
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Would love the update sick of playing Robbie Mustoe centre mid and Ruel Fox scored againt me bloody Ruel Fox lol.

Guisboro Posted on 23/7 14:52
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Spoff, spot on.

I use the Champman updates after each window has closed, never get bored !

Link: update away

no_9_massimo Posted on 23/7 14:56
re: CM 01/02 Thread

how do you implement the update?

Guisboro Posted on 23/7 15:00
re: CM 01/02 Thread

everything is explained here for a simple update using the latest update, of July.

I persoanlly use the tapani update. Check this link too for further help:

Link: July update

Guisboro Posted on 23/7 15:02
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Oh, one last thing, you'll need to be running the last official patch 3.9.68 for any update to work.

That can also be found from the links I just added.

Seems a bit daunting at first but pretty easy and well worth the time.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 23/7 15:02
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Is that actual game downloadable though?

richyNUFC Posted on 23/7 15:02
re: CM 01/02 Thread

so you need to download the game, download the patch, then download the update?

Spoff_MFC Posted on 23/7 15:03
re: CM 01/02 Thread

I'm using the other update. THis summers players but the season is still 01/02

Once the window closes I will try the other update so it is this season.

misterpaul89 Posted on 23/7 15:05
re: CM 01/02 Thread

If you need to download the game the link is in this thread guys

Link: CM 01-02

richyNUFC Posted on 23/7 15:05
re: CM 01/02 Thread

cheers for that, to all who posted links.

it's got to be quicker than FM07. far too slow on my PC.

no_9_massimo Posted on 23/7 15:06
re: CM 01/02 Thread

guisboro- i have never ran any patches, usually just waited until the new game has come out, what and where is this 3.9.68 patch and how is thsi installed? just extract it to the data folder? tks

Spoff_MFC Posted on 23/7 15:08
re: CM 01/02 Thread

3.9.68 can be downloaded officially from SIGames - free.

click on the icon and it does it all for you.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 23/7 15:09
re: CM 01/02 Thread

The CM 01/02 on that link.

How do you download it,theres no option?

misterpaul89 Posted on 23/7 15:12
re: CM 01/02 Thread

There should be a table with all the difference etc between the free and premium versions of that download site, if you find where it it says Premium next to that there should be a box you can't click counting down from about a minute, once it's done it will say free download and you click that.
You'll need Winzip to extract the files into the folder of your choice, once its done, click cm0102.exe and you're away

Guisboro Posted on 23/7 15:23
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Richy, Massimo, I'm not sure what Misterpaul has posted up there, but it sounds like what you are looking for.

From my experience, all you need to do is as follows:

1) Make sure you have Official SI Games Patch v3.9.68

2) Download the July update, download the update from the link below, extract all the files into the DATA folder, enjoy!

This is the simple update way.

If you want to start changing the start date etc, you'll need to read more from here:

richyNUFC Posted on 23/7 15:25
re: CM 01/02 Thread

aye but do you not need the actual disc for that? would it work with downloaded version of game?

MarkW_21 Posted on 23/7 15:27
re: CM 01/02 Thread

When does the new Champ man' usually go on sale?

super_keeper1 Posted on 23/7 15:28
re: CM 01/02 Thread

cant get it working - any ideas?

richyNUFC Posted on 23/7 15:29
re: CM 01/02 Thread

don't know, but i prefer the older games as they run quicker. i wasted about 60 on FM07 and champ man 07 as they were both way too slow.

Geordie_Hater Posted on 23/7 15:38
re: CM 01/02 Thread

I have had this game for years now.
My brother was boro befor and won the premiership and champions league in the same season and thats the best hes done with boro.
I know some realy good players to ...
West - Centre Back
Eldar - AM One of the best players on the game
Maximo Tsi - Cant Remember all of his name but one of the best strikers on the game
Torres - Great young player wont cost more then 5mil in your first season
Doing one now with Manure just for a laugh with my mate to see who can do the best and hes Arsenal
And Always go for west at the start hes on a free but dont leave it to late or you wont get him

dicky200006 Posted on 23/7 15:39
re: CM 01/02 Thread

To Madeira or something like that is poor class given a season in the reserves.

dicky200006 Posted on 23/7 15:39
re: CM 01/02 Thread

To Madeira or something like that is poor class given a season in the reserves.

Geordie_Hater Posted on 23/7 15:40
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Anybody fancy a game with out the updates ?

Guisboro Posted on 23/7 15:43
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Richy, if it doesnt work, you may need to buy the original disk, but its 3 quid from ebay, so no greeat shakes

Link: ebay

Geordie_Hater Posted on 23/7 15:45
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Dick2000006...Fancy a game without the updates ? or anybody else.

dicky200006 Posted on 23/7 15:46
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Im at work at mo mate.

richyNUFC Posted on 23/7 15:48
re: CM 01/02 Thread

oh ok guisboro.

i'll have to look closely at the ground on the way home to try and find that 3

no_9_massimo Posted on 23/7 15:54
re: CM 01/02 Thread

cheers guisboro

GibbosEmpire Posted on 23/7 15:56
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Anyway I can change the format of the window.

Its in a closed window,and the bottom half is cut off completely,which makes it hard to do anything.

Geordie_Hater Posted on 23/7 15:59
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Well anybody then ?
It gets a bit boring by yourself

icky_thump Posted on 23/7 16:00
re: CM 01/02 Thread

If you play the diablo tactic you can't lose, so it's not that good.

Geordie_Hater Posted on 23/7 16:06
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Anybody want a game ? anybody at all !

Spoff_MFC Posted on 8/8 20:29
re: CM 01/02 Thread

Can anyone get into the champ man website at the minute?