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A_New_Era Posted on 24/7 13:11

no not the wrestler, the tv show

After some people said i might like it, thought id download first season. My opinion is its pretty good, its not overly dramatic like Prison Break, 24 etc its just a sortof gentle drama. Only 9 episodes in like

Anyone else fans of it? what your thoughts on it?

captain5 Posted on 24/7 13:13
re: Jericho

I tried it but not my thing.

Hit a wall after about three episodes.

A_New_Era Posted on 24/7 13:19
re: Jericho


captain5 Posted on 24/7 13:24
re: Jericho

I've got you a book here.

It a Finnish text version of a social interaction instruction guide.

A_New_Era Posted on 24/7 13:25
re: Jericho

remember, if we win the lottery, we have to go and visit

captain5 Posted on 24/7 13:26
re: Jericho

What a night that'd be.

A_New_Era Posted on 24/7 13:27
re: Jericho

we would get to meet her dogs

A_New_Era Posted on 24/7 13:27
re: Jericho

anway, back to attempting to talk about the show Jericho...

captain5 Posted on 24/7 13:28
re: Jericho

I wasn't attempting to, in my defence.

captain5 Posted on 24/7 13:36
re: Jericho


Still no one bothered.

SmogOverOrmesby Posted on 24/7 13:48
re: Jericho

I really enjoyed it, although it does start to get a bit far fetched towards the end.

It was cancled after the first series in america, and after protests by fans, another 9 episodes were commisoned to be aired in autumn.

Capybara Posted on 24/7 13:49
re: Jericho

bolleaux. the allusion's already been done. But not as well.

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A_New_Era Posted on 24/7 13:56
re: Jericho

its abit weird like, but its decent viewing. i find that death girl very cute too