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Spoff_MFC Posted on 24/7 15:42
West Ham/Tevez/Man U/Joorabchian

If it is proven by CAS/High Court/wherever that Joorabchian does still have the rights for Tevez does that prove West Ham lied when they had said they ripped up the agreement meaning the Premier League were wrong with the judgement they made in Sheffield United case?

Link: BBC

Sleaford_Socialite Posted on 24/7 15:44
re: West Ham/Tevez/Man U/Joorabchian

In reality yes, but I'm sure it will actually mean the PL will do fook all about it. In the best Keegan style I would love it, LOVE IT, if the 'appy 'ammers were relegated.

fatharrywhite Posted on 24/7 15:49
re: West Ham/Tevez/Man U/Joorabchian

they will have ripped up the contract and therefore didnt lie. the whole court case will probably revolve around joorbchian saying he didnt agree to them ripping up the contract

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 24/7 17:18
re: West Ham/Tevez/Man U/Joorabchian

Whatever happens it has

Blackened the name of Football

it's not the game i was watching

a few years back

they can all go to hell now

for what i care

I for one will be cheering

when the melting pot

run's Dry

Rod100 Posted on 24/7 17:20
re: West Ham/Tevez/Man U/Joorabchian

it must mean that. if it does it means the PL are the set of numpties we know they are and the hammers should be relegated.

in reality nothing will happen either way.

BoroMutt Posted on 24/7 17:21
re: West Ham/Tevez/Man U/Joorabchian

Interesting that FIFA have their fingers in their ears shouting "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" to any suggestion that they get involved. Blatter's not as stoopid as he pretends to be?

captain5 Posted on 24/7 17:23
re: West Ham/Tevez/Man U/Joorabchian

There's no soundbites to be gained from this one, BM.

He only gets involved when he wants a bit of publicity. Although saying that, FIFA officials may have him locked up somewhere to keep him quiet.

sasboro Posted on 24/7 17:24
re: West Ham/Tevez/Man U/Joorabchian

Its a mess but they cant let an agent win. They are bad for the game taking more money out for themselves.

captain5 Posted on 24/7 17:25
re: West Ham/Tevez/Man U/Joorabchian

If the agent has a legally binding contract it will be up to football to put something together that keeps him happy.

Rio_Verde Posted on 24/7 17:34
re: West Ham/Tevez/Man U/Joorabchian

I for one cannot understand this contract row. PL state that they (WHU) tore up the contract with the agent? I'm sure that it was the agent who negotiated the deal with WHU, and therefore WHU cannot do that as they are in many respects under contract with the agent, or else they would not have signed Tevez. Therefore, whatever the PL states, is just a pack of lies.