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A_New_Era Posted on 25/7 18:26

do you watch Jericho?

Boro85 Posted on 25/7 18:54
re: BoroG_85

2 characters difference so ill respond anyway - i do

BoroG_85 Posted on 26/7 12:33
re: BoroG_85

no mate i dont, is it any good i will download if its good?

A_New_Era Posted on 26/7 14:25
re: BoroG_85

aye its pretty decent, not as intense a drama as lost 24 etc but still very good

i actually had a tear in my eye at one episode

BoroG_85 Posted on 26/7 14:33
re: BoroG_85

hahaha will have to download a few episodes... i know you used to like the oc but theres a simalur show out now called "greek" it was the pilot the other day in america... one character is very seth cowen like.

BoroG_85 Posted on 26/7 18:13
re: BoroG_85

downloading first episode now esky

A_New_Era Posted on 26/7 18:27
re: BoroG_85

good man

give it 4-5 episodes, id imagine you will like it

BoroG_85 Posted on 26/7 19:03
re: BoroG_85

first episode pretty good, downloading second now will watch later after work